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Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed?

Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed?


Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed?

Does this former E! talk show star get personal with Mary Jane? Does Chelsea Handler smoke weed? Let’s look at the facts.

You’re probably wondering: Does Chelsea Handler smoke weed? She’s a bold and brazen comedian and writer. She’s hosted several shows and now has a weekly Netflix series. Does she like to spark one up every now and then? We’re pretty confident we know the answer.

Who is Chelsea Handler?

Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed?

Chelsea Handler is a comedian, late night talk show host, businesswoman, and author. She was born in 1975 in Livingston, New Jersey to Seymour and Rita Handler. Her father is Jewish, and her mother was a Mormon German ex-pat. Handler has four older siblings; a fifth sibling, her oldest brother, died when she was nine.

When she was nineteen, Handler moved to Los Angeles, California to try to pursue an acting career. She got a series of waitressing jobs and a DUI. She decided to pursue stand-up comedy shortly after.

Her television career started in the early 2000s. She appeared on shows like “Girls Behaving Badly,” “The Bernie Mac Show,” and “The Tonight Show.” In 2006, her first show on E! premiered.

It was called “The Chelsea Handler Show, ” and it lasted for two seasons. In 2007, she started hosting another show on E!, this one called “Chelsea Lately.” In this show, she and a panel of comedians discussed current events, and she interviewed various celebrities and public figures. The final episode of “Chelsea Lately” was in 2014.

In 2016, she produced and filmed a mini docu-series for Netflix called “Chelsea Does,” which explored four different topics: technology, racism, marriage, and drugs. She now hosts a weekly Netflix series titled “Chelsea.”

Handler is the author of five books, all of which made The New York Times’ Best Sellers List. Her style of comedy is sarcastic and deadpan at times, while raunchy, irreverent, and brash at others. Although she publicly mocks celebrities, she’s friends with quite a few of them. Her circle even includes Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Silverman.

Puff or Pass?

Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed?

In her books, Handler often references her own cannabis use. In the “Chelsea Does” episode about drugs, she and her friends eat a gourmet cannabis-infused meal.

During interviews, she’s stated that she got a medical card for the segment, but has been smoking weed since she was sixteen. While filming that particular episode, Handler got high with legendary stoner and weed activist Willie Nelson.

She has also voiced her support for cannabis legalization. She continued the thought with the assertion that all drugs should be legal, and that people shouldn’t get in trouble for using them. Unless they hurt someone or “act like an asshole.”

Final Hit: Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed

Does Chelsea Handler Smoke Weed?

So to answer the question “does Chelsea Handler smoke weed?” Yes. Yes, Chelsea Handler smokes weed. She maintains that she prefers alcohol, but she very much enjoys lighting up a joint or a bowl.

She laughs at her younger self for judging her friends for smoking weed and has noted that as soon as she tried it, she wanted to get high all the time. Us too, Chelsea. Us too.

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