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Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?

Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?


Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?

Does Taylor Swift smoke weed? Or is it just in our “Wildest Dreams”? Let’s examine the facts.

When you google “Does Taylor Swift smoke weed?” all you might get is a Blank Space. Does the singer love the loud, or does she just Shake It Off?

Who is Taylor Swift?

Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?

Taylor Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania to a successful and affluent family. Her parents, Andrea and Scott, were incredibly supportive of her childhood dream of being a musician. They helped her record and submit demo tapes, allowed her to perform in local festivals and events, and even forged an alliance with a music manager.

When Swift was fourteen years old, she and her family moved to the Nashville area of Tennessee. The move was to help her break into the country music scene, for which Nashville is famous.

Once in Nashville, Swift was able to form connections and began working with industry experts. She signed with RCA but left soon after to join Scott Borchetta’s new independent label Big Machine Records. Through that label, she released her debut album

Since then, Swift has topped the charts with countless hit singles like “You Belong With Me,” “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Shake It Off,” and “22.” She’s performed in world tours, sold millions of records, and was included in Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list in 2015.

She’s also been the subject of public scrutiny, criticism, and outright ridicule. The most often discussed topic is Swift’s personal life, particularly her romantic relationships and their subsequent breakups. She was also involved in a feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

On a more positive note, Swift has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to various hospitals and has worked with GLSEN to speak out against anti-gay hate crimes. She is a self-proclaimed feminist and Michelle Obama even presented her with a humanitarian award in 2012.

Puff or Pass?

Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?

So does Taylor Swift smoke weed or not? Throughout her career, she’s cultivated a very specific image of herself. The image is that of a wholesome, philanthropic public figure. Although she’s often given the title of “America’s Sweetheart,” Swift rejects this label.

She considers it to be her responsibility to be a positive role model for young women and girls and thus refuses to take part in overly sexual photo shoots. To date, Swift has never been caught drunk or high by paparazzi.

Final Hit: Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?

Does Taylor Swift Smoke Weed?

In 2011, Taylor Swift stated that she doesn’t drink to excess or do drugs. When asked specifically about weed, she said that she doesn’t want to smoke anything because as a singer, she can’t risk any damage to her throat and vocal cords.

Totally makes sense. But that only means she doesn’t smoke weed. It’s entirely possible that she consumes cannabis other ways, like vaping or eating edibles.

If Taylor Swift uses cannabis in any way, shape, or form, then she’s keeping it tightly under wraps. And those wraps are buried deep underground, in a steel-lined bunker. She’s hanging onto her positive public image with everything she’s got.

Does Tayor Swift smoke weed? No. But she might make a wicked batch of firecrackers.

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