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Does Tyga Smoke Weed?

Does Tyga Smoke Weed?


Does Tyga Smoke Weed?

Whether you know Tyga through his music, his highly publicized romantic life, or his entrepreneurial efforts, his name is constantly popping up in headlines. But does Tyga smoke weed? Read on and find out.

You’re probably wondering: Does Tyga smoke weed? Rapper and reality star Michael Ray Stevenson, aka Tyga, leads a complicated life. Tyga rose to fame thanks to his beat-making and rap skills. But he is headline news these days for his love-life dramas. And also for his possible cannabis-related antics. So now everyone’s asking: Does Tyga smoke weed?

Who is Tyga?

So does Tyga smoke weed? Let’s start with who he is first. He was born in Compton, California in 1989. His first album dropped when he was 18 years old. He’s worked alongside rap and pop music icons like Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Justin Bieber.

Tyga’s love life first caught the attention of celebrity news outlets when he started dating Blac Chyna. In 2012, the two welcomed their son into the world. Their son, King Cairo Stevenson, himself made headlines when an image surfaced showing the kid playing next to a table with a bag of weed on it. Tyga shot back against criticism, explaining that he has a strict “no blazing” rule around King Cairo.

Apparently, that rule doesn’t extend to weed that isn’t being smoked. But it starts to lay to rest any mystery surrounding the question, does Tyga smoke weed? The safe bet would be: yes. And Tyga has certainly invested himself in the cannabis industry.

He’s invested $5 million in a new business venture with Shine Papers, according to TMZ. Tyga is clearly a gold aficionado. His fashion sense and the name of his 2015 record, “Gold Album,” are cases in point.

But Shine Papers takes the gold obsession to new highs. For a cool $55.00, you can buy a 12 pack of Shine’s 24K gold, edible, gold-ashing rolling papers. Would Tyga invest in such a venture if he didn’t smoke weed? It seems unlikely.

These days, most people aren’t talking about Tyga’s music. Instead, they’re gossiping about his on again off again relationship with Kylie Jenner. The two met when Kylie was just 14 when Tyga attended Kendall Jenner’s sweet sixteenth birthday party. When Kylie turned 18, Tyga bought her a Ferrari. A few months later, they were on a relationship break. A few months after that, they were back together again.

Puff or Pass?

Does Tyga Smoke Weed?

It’s hard to imagine Tyga would pass unless he’s only smoking out of Shine Gold Papers these days and someone passed him something rolled up with Raw papers instead.

So in the end, it’s a pretty easy call. Tyga would definitely “puff.” Unless, of course, King Cairo is in the vicinity. But Tyga’s cannabis use isn’t what’s making headlines. As a celebrity rapper, it probably comes with the territory. He did catch some flack for potentially exposing his son to weed. Some people might have a problem with this style of parenting. But Tyga and Kylie feel their “No Smoking Around Cairo” rule is good enough.

Final Hit: Does Tyga Smoke Weed?

So does Tyga smoke weed? We’re, let’s say, highly confident you can answer “yes” to this question. There’s way more evidence that confirms the fact that Tyga does smoke weed than evidence to the contrary.

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