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Does Will Smith Smoke Weed?

Does Will Smith Smoke Weed?


Does Will Smith Smoke Weed?

So doees Will Smith smoke weed? We decided to take a look at whether or not one of the biggest names in Hollywood is a low-key stoner.

You’re probably wondering, does Will Smith smoke weed? The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a pretty cool guy, so it wouldn’t be surprising if he liked to toke up. Unfortunately, Smith hasn’t given us much indication that he loves weed, so we decided to check for ourselves. Take a look at what we managed to dig up.

Who is Will Smith?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of decades, you probably know who Will Smith is. Regardless of your living situation, here’s a refresher anyway.

Smith first achieved success in the late 1980’s through rapping under the guise “The Fresh Prince”. Smith won a Grammy award in 1988 with partner DJ Jazzy Jeff. He garnered more mainstream acclaim after the debut of his sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990.

After the success of Bel-Air, Smith pursued film acting. His first roles were Six Degrees of Separation in 1993 and Bad Boys in 1995. Smith later got the role in the sci-fi thriller Independence Day in 1996, and the alien movie Men in Black in 1997. To round out the 90’s Smith starred in Enemy of the State and the critical flop Wild Wild West. 

Into the 2000’s, Smith starred in several other hit films such as The Pursuit of Happiness, I am Legend, Hancock, and Men in Black II. 

More recently, Smith was featured in the movie Suicide Squad as the anti-hero Deadshot, Concussion as neuropathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu, and drama Collateral Beauty. He’s also set to play the Genie in Disney’s live action adaption of the classic animated film Aladdin. 

Puff or Pass?

Does Will Smith Smoke Weed?

So back to the question, does Will Smith smoke weed? There are a few clues to suggest Smith might be a weed smoker like the rest of us. Namely, his children.

Namely, his children.

First off, Jaden and Willow Smith seem to be wise beyond their years. Jaden is one of the more out-there celebrities in Hollywood. He’s been on some bizarre rants before, and he certainly looks like a candidate to smoke some trees. But it’s not actually Jaden that makes Will Smith look like a stoner. It’s actually more of his daughter, Willow.

Willow Smith has made tabloid headlines for some of her odd behavior. And a good chunk of it is cannabis related. In 2015, Smith was allegedly seen in Greenwich Village, New York purchasing some paraphernalia at the tender age of 14. A year prior, Willow was seen toting some pretty dank weed leaf socks and a Rastafarian hat Again, she was only 13 at the time. 

But how does Will Smith factor in here? Well, he is their father after all. And he has come under fire before for his unorthodox parenting style. He’s on record of saying he doesn’t “punish” his children, and lets them do whatever they want. This isn’t criticizing Smith’s parenting, rather, making an assessment that Smith probably doesn’t care if his kids smoke weed.

Which brings us back to the question, does Will Smith smoke weed?

Final Hit: Does Will Smith Smoke Weed?

After research, it doesn’t really appear as if Smith is a weed smoker. Sure, his kids may or may not be into it, but there’s no hard evidence suggesting Smith actually does it himself. Sure he was a rapper, but did you ever hear his music? He didn’t even freaking curse. But hey, you never know. Unlike his daughter, he might just smoke weed on the super down-low. And he’s doing a pretty good job hiding it.

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