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7 Ways To Bogart A Blunt

7 Ways To Bogart A Blunt


7 Ways To Bogart A Blunt

There are plenty of ways to bogart a blunt and piss off your friends. Here’s what not to do when smoking a blunt in a group.

There are quite a few ways to bogart a blunt. The term “bogart” comes from a character played by actor Humphrey Bogart. His character Fred Dobbs in the 1948 film, “The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,” was a greedy, selfish person that only looked out for himself.

A smoke circle is a place for good vibes, but sometimes people like Bogart’s character find their way in and fuck up the balance. Consider this a round-about guide to weed etiquette—this is what not to do when rolling and passing a blunt.

7. Not Contributing

7 Ways To Bogart A Blunt

A low-key way to bogart a blunt is by contributing slim to nothing while your friends provide the majority. Depending on the quality of the weed, your friends will probably be happy to share if you throw fives on it.

Don’t contribute reggies when your friends are smoking premium quality product. Contribute cash instead and enjoy some high-quality buds with the squad.


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