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5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane

5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane | Green Rush Daily


5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane

Sneak Weed On A Plane

Thinking about how to sneak weed onto an airplane? Sooner or later most stoners find themselves facing the dilemma of how to bring their marijuana onto a plane.

This is an important problem to solve—if you’re leaving town for a week, you don’t want to land wherever you’re going and find yourself empty handed the entire time.

You’ve got to figure out how to sneak that green through security so you can fully enjoy your trip. Fortunately, pulling it off may not be as difficult as you might think.

First off, TSA agents are primarily interested in busting people carrying any weapon or explosive that could be used for a terrorist attack. They’re less concerned with your personal stash.

With that said, however, the TSA is still part of the U.S.’s massive police apparatus, and we are still in the middle of a futile war on drugs, so you’ve got to play the game right if you want to get high once you reach your destination.

Before we give you the 5 best ways to sneak pot onto an airplane, a quick note.

All of this will be much easier if you live in a 420-friendly state. If you reside in a state that requires medical marijuana cards, and you have one, be sure you bring it with you on your flight—just in case you find yourself in a run-in with airport security.

But if you stick with the plan, and all goes well, you shouldn’t have any unnecessary interactions with TSA agents.

1. Pack edibles or wax

5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane | Green Rush Daily

This can be one of the safest methods for sneaking pot onto an airplane, and there are several easy ways to pull it off. Bring a cannabis chocolate bar, possibly even wrapped in a different, more innocent-looking candy bar wrapper.

Use your hands to warm up a blob of wax, mold it into a rectangle, wrap it in a Jolly Ranchers wrapper, and put it back in the original bag mixed in with all the regular Jolly Ranchers.

Add some cannabis gummy bears or gummy worms to a bag of regular gummy bears or gummy worms. The bottom line: as long as it looks like regular candy, nobody’s going to bug you about it.

2. Hide it in peanut butter

5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane | Green Rush Daily

Step 1: Wrap your herb in several layers of plastic wrap or Ziploc bags.

Step 2: Open a jar of peanut butter and remove a few spoonfuls from the middle.

Step 3: Put your plastic-wrapped weed in the peanut butter, being careful to cover the top of it with a layer of peanut butter.

Step 4: Place jar in your checked luggage.

3. Use a specially designed smuggling stash box

5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane

There are a number of products available for you to buy that will make your low-key smuggling attempt go smoothly.

Some of the easiest to use are:

  • Speed Stick Safe—This regular-looking stick of deodorant is, in fact, the perfectly innocuous hiding place for a little herb. If you’re carrying on, though, be sure it’s no larger than a normal 3-ounce bar.
  • The PUFFit Vaporizer—this vaporizer is made to look exactly like a regular asthma inhaler.
  • The Buckle Puffer—this regular-looking belt has a little secret. The buckle disassembles to become a tiny little pipe.
  • Hairbrush Diversion Safe—for a relatively small price, you can buy a hairbrush that has a hollowed core perfect for hiding your stash.

4. Hide your stash in a tobacco pouch

5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane

For this one, you’ll need a nice-looking bag and a wad of tobacco. Simply hide your weed in with the tobacco and put the entire thing in the middle of your checked luggage.

If the pouch raises any suspicions, no one will pursue it any further once they find out its just plain old tobacco.

5. Bring a pen

5 Ways to Sneak Weed Onto an Airplane | Green Rush Daily

Sometimes the best hiding places are right out in the open. Get a ball point pen, pull out the guts, and fill it with a small, tightly wrapped baggy of herb or a joint and you’ll be good to go. You can then put the pen in a book bag, or if you’re feeling extra daring, right in your shirt pocket.

Good luck using these techniques to sneak your cannabis on an airplane, and may your next flight take you to entirely new highs!

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