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5 Hacks For Saving Dried Out Weed

Hacks To Save Dried Out Weed


5 Hacks For Saving Dried Out Weed

There’s nothing worse than when your stash somehow gets dried out and basically turns to a pile of shake. Here we will teach you 5 ultra-easy, hacks to saving dried out weed.

Cannabis buds can get dehydrated for a number of reasons. Sometimes, if bud was grown in a humid or wet area and then gets transported somewhere much drier, it can end up drying out quicker than usual.

If you forget to store your bud in an airtight container, it will get dry and crumbly. And if you end up with more herb than you can get through in a reasonable amount of time, you may end up with bud that starts deteriorating into a pile of dried out dust.

Whatever the case, dried out bud sucks. There’s no better way to feel like you just wasted good money than to discover that your top-shelf ganja has been reduced to rubble.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to save your dried out marijuana and help restore it to its former glory.

Here are 5 ultra-easy, fail-proof ways to rehydrate dried out weed:

1. Fruit Peels

5 Hacks To Save Dried Out Weed

Using a sharp knife, very carefully peel off the outer layer of skin from a piece of fruit. We recommend using an orange, lemon, or apple.

Place the fruit peel into a glass jar with your dried out bud and seal the lid. Let it sit for no longer than one day. Be sure to check on the herb regularly.

The dry marijuana will eventually absorb the moisture from the fruit peel and will become much more usable. You may even get a bit of residual flavor from the fruit when you smoke it.

If you use this technique, you need to be very careful that you don’t leave the fruit in the jar for too long. The fruit peel will start to rot and get moldy within a couple days, and if that happens, your dried out bud is now moldy bud.

So check on it frequently and don’t plan on leaving the peel in for longer than a day.


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