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How Long Does it Take for Weed to Expire?

How Long Does it Take for Weed to Expire?


How Long Does it Take for Weed to Expire?

Does weed have an expiration date?

Remember that episode of Roseanne where the parents find a twenty-year-old bag of pot, smoke it, and get super stoned? Classic episode, but how realistic is it? Most stoners will tell you to smoke, vape, or bake your bud before it goes bad. But that leaves the million dollar question: does weed expire? And if so, how long does it take for your cannabis to reach its expiration date?

Does weed expire?

The short answer is yes. Because marijuana is a plant, it is subject to the same laws of nature that govern every other type of plant. All living things must meet their end and break down to feed other organisms and make room for new life. It’s beautiful, really.

Cannabis has a shelf life. But you shouldn’t feel pressured to smoke that 1/8 of Space Queen in one weekend just to beat the clock. Experts in the weed industry agree that when cured well and stored properly, marijuana can last from 12-18 months without losing potency. Nowhere near the 20 years, it kept in the episode of Roseanne, but still impressive.

Has your grass turned gross?

How Long Does it Take for Weed to Expire?

Who among us hasn’t found a container of pot in the back of our underwear drawer? Before you toss it, be sure to check that it’s actually toast. Is is dry and crumbly? Or does it maintain its form and integrity when touched? Next time you discover some misplaced dope, consult our handy guide to determine its dankness. And to answer the inevitable follow-up question, yes, your edibles can also expire. But not in the way you’re expecting.

Smart Storage

To prevent having to pitch your pot, you need to adopt proper storage techniques. Leave behind the days of small zip lock baggies. That’s kid stuff. You’re an adult now; you need to invest in some adult containers. Mason jars are airtight and affordable and aesthetically pleasing if that’s important to you. If you’re looking for something more high-tech, though, there are tons of cool options to choose from.

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