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How to Make Dabs at Home Safely

How To Make Dabs at Home


How to Make Dabs at Home Safely

Using dabs to get high is a growing trend in the marijuana community. We’ve got a step-by-step guide on how to make dabs at home safely.

5. Press the Straightener on The Weed

How to Make Dabs at Home Safely

Now take the straightener and lightly line it up so that it’s totally covering the area of the paper that the herb’s under.

Using the parchment as a buffer, squeeze the marijuana firmly for about five seconds.

You should hear a light sizzling – that means it’s working. Once the 5 seconds have passed, put your paper down and set your straightener aside.

6. Collect Your Rosin

Open up the parchment, and you should see, alongside your now squished-up herb, some beautiful yellow rosin.

Take your collection tool and carefully move that off of the paper and into your container of choice.

Congratulations: you’ve made your first bit of rosin that’s ready to be dabbed.

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