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5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Concert

5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into a Concert


5 Ways To Sneak Weed Into A Concert

Looking to get your ganja on at a show with your favorite band? These surefire ways to sneak weed into a concert with definitely do the trick.

So, how do you sneak weed into a concert? Here’s a list of tips to help you pull off some cannabis-related escapades and antics.

5. Put the “Sneak” in Your Sneakers

5 ways to sneak weed into a concert

Scared of getting patted down by a security guard and having your lovingly rolled joints or blunts confiscated before stepping foot into the show? By literally stepping foot into the show with them on your foot. To be more precise, in your shoes. Remember, concert security isn’t TSA: it’s highly unlikely they’re going to make you take off your shoes for a full body inspection.

We suggest wrapping said pot or pre-rolled cigarillos in a bag to keep them fresh. (Especially if your feet tend to sweat or you have something like athlete’s foot, because…ew.)

4. Hide Them in Your Nether Regions

5 ways to sneak weed into a concernt

This one might be slightly uncomfortable, but it’s bound to do the trick. Inserting your weed into, um, any various orifices you contain will definitely allude whatever contracted authorities hired to keep the peace at a typical concert. Putting them in a bag or a plastic receptible like an empty plastic Easter egg should keep your cannabis, um, fresh.

An alternative? If you a person who happens to have boobs, stuffing your weed in your bra might be a less unpleasant method. Security is not likely to feel up your chest; doing so could lead to a sexual harassment suit.

3. Store Them in a Box of Cigarettes

5 ways to sneak weed into a concert

While we’re not necessarily recommending that you should smoke tobacky of the non-wacky sort, it might be worth it to spend some bucks on a pack as a mode to conceal your pre-rolled joints. Take a few of the cigs out and swap them for some pre-rolled doobs. It’s not necessarily a full-proof way to keep security from catching on to your weed stash, but when was the last time you remember someone combing through a pack for contraband?

2. Stash It in a Pen

5 ways to sneak weed into a concert

We’ve suggested this one before when it comes to how to sneak weed onto an airplane, but the same still holds true for concerts. Simply unscrew your average ballpoint, pull out the ink cartridge, and voila! A slim storage unit.

1. The Smoking Pipe

5 ways to sneak weed into a concert

What if you want to smoke a bowl, a pipe, or a dugout instead of a joint? Now you have a quandary: how do you sneak weed into a concert as well as your paraphernalia?

While some suggest the nether regions route, Luckily, we have a bonafide system to recommend. Use one of the methods above to smuggle your weed in stealth-style, and simply make a pipe from assorted materials in the concert once you get there. Considering how much beer and non-alcoholic beverages are sold at your average show, a styrofoam cup bong might be just the ticket.

Final Hit: How Do You Sneak Weed Into a Concert?

5 ways to smoke weed into a concert

So there you have it: as this list attests, there are a number of clever ways to be able to get your cannabis into your favorite show. And hey, if you’re that worried about it, there’s always smoking weed in the parking lot. That’s what they’re basically there for, right?

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