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5 Ways To Smoke Weed At The Beach

5 Ways To Smoke Weed At The Beach


5 Ways To Smoke Weed At The Beach

When it’s summertime, what’s better than going to the beach? Smoking weed at the beach, that’s what. Here are five ways to smoke weed at the beach.

So you want to get high by the beach like Lana Del Rey in 2015? Depending on where you’re at, that can cost you a fine or even jail time. Even in states with legalized marijuana, public use remains illegal. Unfortunately, you’ll find most beaches are public places. So you’ll probably want to keep your weed use on the low unless you’re okay with the consequences. Here are a few ways to smoke weed at the beach without getting caught.

1. Single Hits Away From Strangers

5 Ways To Smoke Weed At The Beach

Stick to the group you came with and find a place to chill away from everybody else at the beach. Set up far enough that no one can really tell you’re rolling up, grinding, or smoking.

We’d avoid crowded beaches with families. If a parent catches you smoking around their kid, they might flip their lid and call the cops.

The goal is to smoke at the beach in peace. Is your beach is always crowded AF? Time to start hiding in plain sight. We recommend using a cigarette-style one hitter.

Just pack it and take a hit when no one else is standing too close to you. You can also pack a bowl and smoke it one hit at a time. If it’s a sunny day bring a magnifying glass so you can spark your bowls without the use of butane.


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