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McDonald’s Pizza Actually Exists And It’s The F*cking Bomb

McDonald's Pizza Actually Exists And It's The F*cking Bomb


McDonald’s Pizza Actually Exists And It’s The F*cking Bomb

It’s the classic conundrum for stoners– pizza or fast food? Well, what if someone told you that you can have BOTH. No not Pizza Hut or Dominos. We’re talking McDonald’s, people. You heard me right. McDonald’s has mother-effing PIZZA. And it’s pretty dank, too.


McDonald's Pizza Actually Exists And It's The F*cking Bomb

The funny thing about the McPizza is, technically it’s been around since the 80’s. However, back in the 80’s and 90’s it was available at almost all McDonald’s locations. Now, there are just three such locations.

It was originally created to give patrons a more dinner-friendly option than just their usual lineup of burgers and fries. The McPizza would only be available at 4 P.M, and was also available in a kid’s Happy Meal size.

The pizza included the usual red sauce and mozzarella cheese, with the options of pepperoni, sausage, onions and green peppers. However, the pizza was eventually discontinued in the early 90’s because it was actually quite pricey for back in the day. Or so we thought.

Where you can find it

McDonald's Pizza

While most chains nixed the item from their menu, there are a few locations that still serve the ‘za. You can find the pizza in Pomeroy, Ohio, Spencer, West Virginia and Orlando, Florida. While the Florida location brought back the pizza last year, the other two locations actually NEVER took it off its menu.

Although the recipe has changed a teeny bit in the two old-school locations, according to online reviews it still tastes almost exactly the same. The Florida location, however, it’s a bit different. Their pizza is wood-fired, and you can get it in different styles. 

This Orlando location is actually quite infamous for being a bit abstract. Their claim to fame is their “open kitchen”, and they serve a variety of foods such as quesadillas, pasta, and of course, the McChicken Parm.

So if you’re thinking about taking a road trip, or just really, really stoned, head on over to one of these locations to try some of the most underrated and under-appreciated pizza you’ll ever lay your eyes on. I mean, these people actually drove three hours to get it, so maybe you can hitch a ride with them on their next trip.

It’s gotta be worth it, right?

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