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Bike Delivery Service Promises Weed In 20 Minutes Or Free Joint

Bike Delivery Service Promises Weed In 20 Minutes Or Free Joint


Bike Delivery Service Promises Weed In 20 Minutes Or Free Joint

Jesse Faatz/High Times

Bike Delivery Service Promises Weed In 20 Minutes Or Free Joint

With this deal, who wouldn’t want their delivery to be late?

Ten years ago, if somebody told you that some dude would be delivering your weed on a bicycle, you would have surely thought it was the friendly, neighborhood drug dealer fresh off of a suspended driver’s license. In today’s day and age, however, a peddling weed dealer isn’t necessarily black market exclusive. In Vancouver, there’s currently a bike delivery service that will bring you your medical marijuana in 20 minutes or less, and with a guarantee that puts any pizza place’s promises to shame.

Bike Delivery Service Promises Weed In 20 Minutes Or Free Joint

Spruce Delivery’s guarantee is simple: “We promise 20 minutes or less or you get a free joint,” one of its founders, Frank Le, said to Vancouver Sun.

Le is one of four owners of the new company, which started delivery weed via bicycle about two and a half weeks ago.

“We’re a bike-powered delivery service that runs under 20 minutes which is faster than you can get your pizza,” Le explained.

However, after placing an order, don’t expect a bicycle covered in pot leaves with a giant Nug mascot sitting atop the seat. Because of security concerns, the delivery cyclists look like any other pizza boy or Chinese food peddlers you’d see on the street. After all, there are plenty of people who would love to score some free weed, courtesy of a bicyclist beatdown.

According to Le, the company also has a license to peddle buds in Portland, and has spent the last year or so developing its current business plan.

Most of the advertising for the company is done on separate cargo bikes, which do not have any weed on board. Hours of actual delivery are from 2 PM-10 PM from Tuesday to Sunday. The company also has a website, but products are not available to view until actual business operation hours so customers don’t become irate when they can’t place a delivery order. Additionally, all patients must be 19 years of age to place an order.

Le says while the company has made strides, there’s still a lot of work to be done to become the weed-delivery powerhouse he and his partners envisions.

“We’ll be expanding hours and regions throughout the summer,” he said. “We’re new and trying different things.”

A Controversial Business Plan

Although Spruce Delivery is an official business—it’s listed on the B.C. Registry Services records, Vancouver police believe the business doesn’t operate legally under current, or future cannabis stipulations.

Police say that delivering weed on a bicycle, technically, doesn’t appear on the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. Sgt. Jason Robillard also told the Vancouver Sun that he doesn’t believe it will adhere to the Cannabis Act guidelines, which is expected to be set in stone this June.

“When the Cannabis Act is passed, this behavior would be an offense under the Cannabis Act. But until the Cannabis Act comes into effect we won’t know for sure.”

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