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Police Pursuit of a man that Masturbated in a Target Led to Pot Bust

Police Pursuit of a man that Masturbated in a Target Led to Pot Bust


Police Pursuit of a man that Masturbated in a Target Led to Pot Bust

How is this real life?

Target stores carry all the essentials. Especially if you’re a small-time weed distributor in Dover, Delaware. Kitchen scales, sandwich bags, vacuum sealers—it’s a one-stop shop. But one Dover weed dealer apparently liked to check one more thing off his list at Target: beating off. Now, the man whom Target employees caught masturbating in the store’s dressing rooms—with the door open—has been busted by police. And not just for busting in public; twice; in the same week.

One Bust Leads to Another As Police Apprehend Public Masturbator on Weed Charges

The multiple drug charges against Lewis Foreman might be the least of the 23-year-old Dover man’s concerns, considering the one count of indecent exposure and—count ’em—two charges of lewdness pending against him. Somehow, however, Foreman’s bond was $750 less than the two people who were unlucky enough to go down with him, Tyra Mifflin and Keyarra Johnson. Today, all three have been released after posting their $10,500-$11,250 cash bonds.

On Saturday, January 17, Target employees tipped off the Dover Police Department that things were getting a little out of hand in the store’s dressing room. In their report, police said they received a report that a man was pleasuring himself. But the suspect, Lewis Foreman, fled the scene in a gold Jaguar before officers could arrive. Then, on Thursday, police received another call from the same Target about the same man. This time, Target employees specified that the man was jerking off in plain sight, with the dressing room door wide open.

Once more, Foreman beat officers response time, leaving the Target before they could arrive. Thanks to security footage, however, police were able to follow Foreman to a residence nearby. When they closed in, Foreman fled on foot, entering the residence through the back door.

Target Masturbator Bought a Vacuum Sealer to Package 9 Pounds of Weed

Police say Foreman hid in the attic with Tyra Mifflin. A 3-year-old child was also in the residence, but Foreman and Mifflin left the child unattended.

Officers quickly managed to get ahold of things, however, and Foreman and Mifflin surrendered to police without any incident. Police obtained a search warrant for the home, and a subsequent search turned up about 8.75 pounds of weed. Officers say they also uncovered digital scales, packaging materials, and about $4,400 in drug proceeds.

Ironically enough, the cannabis had been packed in heat-sealed, vacuum-packed bags. In the January 19 security footage of Foreman leaving Target, he’s carrying a popular home vacuum sealer. From a hygiene perspective, it’s a good thing that that weed is now off the streets.

The story doesn’t end there, however. While police were executing the search warrant, a third person, 29-year-old Keyarra Johnson arrived at the home. Wrong place at the wrong time, police immediately placed her in custody. The trio face multiple drug possession charged and endangering the welfare of a child.

As for Foreman, he’ll go down in the books as the buster who got busted.

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