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You Can Smoke With Snoop Dogg In This New VR Production

You Can Smoke With Snoop Dogg In This New VR Production


You Can Smoke With Snoop Dogg In This New VR Production

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You Can Smoke With Snoop Dogg In This New VR Production

Share a virtual joint with your favorite weed-loving rapper.

The streaming service Hulu just launched a Virtual Reality comedy called Door No. 1 where you can smoke with Snoop Dogg. The comedy is like a role-playing video game and television show in one. The title of the production comes from game shows that allow you to choose to open one of three doors in hopes of selecting the one with a grand prize.

Similarly, you will be given choices as the storyline progress which means two viewers may have a completely separate set of experiences. If you want to smoke with Snoop you’ll have to make the right choices. We trust you’ll know what decision to make when the time comes.

What’s Behind Door No. 1?

Door No. 1 is a role-playing virtual reality production that takes place during a 10-year high school reunion. It launched Thursday on the Hulu VR app. It was written and directed by Nora Kirkpatrick who has won a Grammy award, acted on cult classics like The Office, and more. Nora allows the audience to do some directing and roleplaying of their own in her “choose-your-own-adventure” live-action production.

“I just thought it would be great if the viewer could be the lead of their own movie,” she said in a behind the scenes interview.

The production features appearances from Ravi Patel, Steve Little, Sarah Baker and Missi Pyle. The experience should last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes depending on the choices you make. Door No. 1 takes place at a 10-year high school reunion and you are role-playing a character named Alex.

You can find out how your former classmates have handled adulting. You’ll meet with characters that are archetypes of people we all know. There’s the dysfunctional couple that never breaks up, jocks that peaked in high school, the trippy hippy type, and even a cameo from Snoop Dogg.

Smoking With Snoop At High School Reunion

If you’re looking for Snoop, just know he’s never too far from some good trees. You’ll be given the option to spark up in the bathroom during the high school reunion. If you say yes, you’ll be greeted with a cameo from the one and only Snoop Dogg.

Keep an eye out for Cameron Diaz who attended the same high school as Snoop. In fact, they both confessed that he was her dealer when they were in school together.

Snoop Dogg is making appearances everywhere. He recently turned up and got high with the crypto community, he’s been making music for decades, he’s acted and he’s a part-owner of the world’s largest grow operation which recently debuted on the NYSE.

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