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Best Weed Products Designed Specifically For Women

Best Weed Products For Women


Best Weed Products Designed Specifically For Women

Looking for the best weed products for women? Look no further, we’ve scoured the internet and put together a list of the very best.

Weed smoking women are becoming more visible than ever before. Pop culture icons like Miley Cyrus, Ilana Glazer, and Abbi Jacobson are loud and proud about their love of the ganja. And women are leading the way in business too. In fact, there are more women execs in the cannabis industry than in any other field. To top it all off, there’s a growing body of weed products designed specifically for women. Here’s a list of the best.

13. Foria Relief

Best Weed Products For Women

Cannabis company Foria is at the cutting edge when it comes to developing weed products for women. And Foria Relief is one great example why. These all natural suppositories include organic cocoa butter, THC oil, and CBD isolate.

The suppositories are used just like a tampon. Once it’s inserted, the combo of THC and CBD delivers pain relief to your pelvic region. And this provides some serious relief from menstrual cramps and pains.

12. Herbabuena Full Moon Women’s Cannabis Elixir

Best Weed Products For Women

The Herbabuena Full Moon Women’s Cannabis Elixir taps into the natural powers of cannabis. It gives you an all natural way to balance out your mood and emotions.

And for many women, this product comes in handy during difficult periods. It can be especially helpful when you’re coping with mood swings. Along with cannabis, it has a ton of other all natural ingredients to give you a safe and healthy solution.

11. Annabis Hand Bags

Best Weed Products For Women

Weed meets fashion with the Annabis line of women’s handbags. These handbags are designed to give you a safe, discreet, and stylish way to carry your weed with you on the go.

They come in both purse and clutch styles. And they’re lined with an odor-blocking material. This keeps your stash secret and safe.

On top of that, these handbags also come tricked out with tons of pockets and storage. This lets you carry everything you need for a smoke sesh right alongside your other daily stuff. And it won’t get everything mixed up.

10. Whoopi & Maya Products

Best Weed Products For Women

Whoopi Goldberg made a bold move last year when she dove into the cannabis industry. She teamed up with Maya Elisabeth to create a line of cannabis health products for women. And Elisabeth was a perfect choice. That’s because she’s already the founder of an all-woman grow collective and cannabis company.

Together, Goldberg and Elisabeth created a new line of women’s weed products. They call their brand Whoopi & Maya. So far, the company makes a topical rub, a nighttime tincture, an edible, and a bath soak. And all of them are infused with weed. The goal of Whoopi & Maya products is to help women tap into the health benefits of cannabis.

Their products offer pain relief from menstrual cramps. But they also give you ways to relax and improve your day to day life as well.

9. Yummi Karma Mood Magic Tincture

Best Weed Products For Women

Tinctures are one of the oldest methods for consuming medical marijuana. They’re a great way to access cannabis’s health properties without having to smoke.

Yummi Karma Mood Magic is a tincture designed specifically to enhance women’s health.

It provides PMS relief, promotes uterine health, helps elevate your mood, and is an all natural way to cope with aches and pains.

8. Mary Jane’s Pain Relief Salve

Best Weed Products For Women

This salve is technically a do-it-all health enhancer. But so far, it’s found real traction among women.

In particular, women battling breast cancer have found this salve to be incredibly helpful. According to many patients, it helps them heal after cancer-related surgeries.

Many women have also reported success using this salve to treat radiation burns.

7. Foria Pleasure

Best Weed Products For Women

Foria doesn’t only make weed infused tampons to help you get through menstrual cramps. They’re also interested in helping you use cannabis to tap into the pleasurable side of being a woman.

Foria Pleasure is a cannabis-infused personal lubricant. It uses cannabinoids to heighten sensation and stimulate sexual pleasure. Sex expert Dr. Jennifer Berman said that lubes like this are basically ” your clitoris high.”

Foria Pleasure has a precise dosage of THC. And it can be applied to externally to your labia and clitoris. You can also apply it internally, inside your vagina. This lets you fine tune your sexual experience. You can choose where to focus the most stimulation.

Additionally, you can control how “high” you want your lady parts to be. If you want more action, apply it internally. That gives you the most THC absorption. But if you want something a bit lighter, go with an external application. Either way, this lube will enhance your sexual pleasure.

6. Treat Yourself Pop Tartelettes

Best Weed Products For Women

Treat Yourself is a woman-powered cannabis company. According to their website, “we are women who create cannabis-infused health and beauty products with women in mind.”

Weed by women for women. And one of their most popular products is their cannabis infused pop tartlets.

These things sound too good to be true. They’re vegan, sugar-free, preservative-free, and oh yeah, they’re full of CBD and THC.

5. Moxie Meds Tincture

Best Weed Products Designed Specifically For Women


The brand Moxie Meds is another women-centered cannabis company. As the company’s slogan explains, they focus on delivering “modern medicine made for women, by women.”

Their cannabis-based tinctures provide pain relief during periods. They also offer hormonal balance for women navigating the changes of menopause.

4. Bliss Lubricant

Best Weed Products For Women

Bliss lubricant was created out of one woman’s own personal experiences with the aphrodisiac qualities of cannabis. After honing in the perfect recipe for weed-infused lube, Christa decided to make it available to all women.

The result of her efforts is an all natural lube that will enhance your sexual experiences. Bliss lube accomplishes that in a couple key ways.

First, it directly stimulates your most sensitive body parts. This means that your sexual experiences will be more powerful and more mind-blowing.

But beyond that, Bliss also eases pain and reduces tension and discomfort. And that helps with the emotional and psychological side of sexuality.

When you’re relaxed and free of any sort of discomfort, you can focus more of your attention on enjoying sex. That, combined with your heightened state of sensitivity and arousal, is to recipe for toe curling orgasms.

3. Dildo Bowl

Best Weed Products For Women

Pipedreams is a sex toy company that’s come up with a creative way to bring together the sex toy industry and the cannabis industry.

Their solution: the Peter Piper Pecker Puffer. It’s a glass pipe that also doubles as a dildo.

These sex geniuses definitely know about weed’s aphrodisiac properties. Start off by puffing some green. This will heighten your elevate your overall sexual sensitivity. Then you can immediately take advantage of that heightened state by using the other end to get yourself off.

Whether or not you end up using it for both purposes, this thing is perfectly and hilariously irreverent. Just check out the pipe’s tagline: “Smoke it then poke it!”

2. Foria Explore

Best Weed Products For Women

Once again, Foria is at the front leading the way in sexual exploration. Foria Explore follows up on the success of the company’s cannabis lubricant and their weed-infused tampons.

But this time they’ve found a way to use cannabis to enhance the possibilities of anal sex and anal play. These suppositories operate a lot like the company’s tampon product.

When it’s inserted into your body, it delivers a precise dosage of THC and CBD to your pelvic region.

This does a few things. First off, it relaxes your body. Similarly, it helps decrease pain and discomfort. And finally, it heightens your sensitivity to pleasure. If anal isn’t your thing, you can always just use these for pelvic pain relief.

1. Sexxpot Cannabis Strain

Best Weed Products For Women

Cannabis strain Sexxpot rounds out our list of weed products designed specifically for women. This one’s unique because it’s not a weed-based product. It’s actual weed.

Cannapreneur Karyn Wagner designed the strain. And her goal was to help women use weed to have the best orgasms of their lives.

The strain was created with a base of genetics from the Mr. Nice strain. That strain is itself known for being a powerful aphrodisiac.

But Wagner made it even more powerful. Surprisingly, the key to Sexxpot’s sensual power is its relatively low THC content.

By limiting Sexxpot’s THC, Wagner came up with the perfect combo. You’ll get high enough to be relaxed and uninhibited.

You’ll also be incredibly sensitive to sexual stimulation. But you won’t be too stoned to function. You can hit the sheets and enjoy every second of it.

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