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Are Cannabis Infused Spices The Next Big Edible?

Are Cannabis Infused Spices The Next Big Edible?
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Are Cannabis Infused Spices The Next Big Edible?

It could be a healthier alternative to traditional edibles.

When one thinks of weed edibles, they typically think of something sweet—brownies, gummies, cookies, etc. While there are obviously a number of other cannabis-infused concoctions, especially in today’s climate of legal weed, sweet still comes to mind before savory.

This can be attributed to the fact that most edibles require cannabutter or cannabis oil—which are better hidden within the confines of a dessert, rather than a traditional meal.

While making weed-infused chicken wings or cannabis-infused ribs have never been impossible, they haven’t been nearly as prevalent as some of the other types of edibles you see on the market. Now, however, that could change, because of an interesting addition to the edible family—cannabis infused spices.

Cannabis Infused Spices Could Be The Next Dank Edible

Although it’s unlikely at this point that savory-edibles will ever overtake sweets as the primary form of cannabis-infused delectables, we could be seeing a shift towards it. Niel Marotta, the president and CEO of cannabis producer INDIVA, told The Star that cannabis infused spices already exist, and they could see a significant increase in popularity ahead of Canada’s upcoming legalization of recreational pot on October 17th.

“They’ve found a way to mechanically fuse cannabinoids … with crystalline structures like sugar or salt or (the sweetener) Xylitol,” Marotta said to the Star. “They call them flexible edibles … and people can now cook with them as well.”

One of the main reasons cannabis infused spices could be more appealing than traditional edibles is the varying health factors. People might opt for seasoning salts, rather than cannabutter and oils than are much higher in fat.

Additionally, Marotta says that the implementation of cannabis infused spices could appeal to a larger demographic of cannabis consumers.

“Asking grandma to smoke a pipe is a really big ask,” Marotta told the news site.“Asking her to use … an all-natural cannabis sugar and putting that in her tea … or salt on her french fries, that’s a small ask.”

The Future Of Cannabis Infused Spices

Cannabis spices, are, in fact, available throughout select weed-legal states throughout the US. However, they have yet to make a big splash in Canada, but that should change when edibles are allowed for consumption this fall.

In addition to spices, there are plenty of creative cannabis condiments available throughout the US, such as Yummi Karma THC Ketchup, Cannabis Sriracha Sauce, Goldeneye Farms Medicated Ketchup, and Marijuana Mustard.

Marotta believes that there could be an even bigger market for cannabis infused spices in the US, but doesn’t think it will come until marijuana is legal country-wide. He said you could see big-name companies (similar to Constellation Brands and Molson Coors, who both acquired large chunks of Canadian cannabis companies Canopy Growth and Hydropothecary Corp., respectively) partner up with legal marijuana producers down the line.

“Realistically what you’ll see … (is) companies that have traditionally made food of some sort or drink want to get into the cannabis space,” he says. “They get a license and then they strike a strike a deal with a licensed (cannabis) producer.”

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