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Cannador Keeps Your Weed Fresh and Juicy AF

Cannador Keeps Your Weed Fresh and Juicy AF


Cannador Keeps Your Weed Fresh and Juicy AF

Humidors have been keeping your blunt wraps and cigars fresh for a long time. Now, you can keep your weed fresh with the help of a Cannador: a humidor for cannabis. Having humidity isn’t enough. You need to control it. In fact, managing humidity levels can prevent the weed from getting too dry or even too moldy. The Cannador ensures neither happens and it’s easy to use.

How Does the Cannador Work?

Cannador Keeps Your Weed Fresh and Juicy AF

From the outside, a Cannador® looks like a wooden chest. The wood used is Mahogany which does not produce any residue or odors that can mess with your cannabis. One thing it has over a traditional humidor is the lock and key to protect your meds. Your sticky-fingered roommate is going to have to start buying his own fresh and juicy nugs.

You can get an air-tight one and use humidity packs. However, the included Small Humidity Bead System® will save you so much trouble. To use it you just dip half of it in a little bit of water. It’s easier and more cost effective to replace the water every few weeks than to order more humidity packs.

That’s not all, the system is designed to prevent the RH from going above a specific ratio. This is essential for protecting your buds from harmful contamination. While humidity is necessary to prevent the quality of your buds from deteriorating, too much can be just as harmful.  In fact, an RH above 75% wildly increases the risk of mold growth.

We recommend using a Hygrometer to keep track of the Relative Humidity so you know when you replenish the water for the bead system.

Terpene and Cannabinoid Preservation

Cannador Keeps Your Weed Fresh and Juicy AF

Apparently, storing cannabis at a relative humidity (RH) of 55% to 62% results in better weed. Studies have shown that terpene and cannabinoid contents are higher when this level of moisture is maintained for a long period of time. So, like with cigars, relative humidity is the key to enhancing flavors and freshness.

This is great because it means you will probably get higher from the higher additional cannabinoids like THC and CBD. To top it all off more terpenes means your weed will have more flavor! You’ll enjoy your weed a lot more if you store it properly rather than leaving it in the sandwich bag your dealer handed you.

If you’re copping top shelf pot, you should respect it enough to properly store it. It’d be a shame for your premium pick up to turn into a dried out or moldy mess. With a Cannador you won’t feel as rushed to smoke that fire before it starts to expire.

Final Hit

Cannador Keeps Your Weed Fresh and Juicy AF

If you’re a cannabis connoisseur, it should be your mission to keep top-shelf buds fresh. Especially if you’re buying quantity and don’t plan on smoking it all at once. Use a Cannador to keep things simple and as fresh as can be. Dipping a piece in water once every few weeks is all it takes to keep things A1 as day 1.

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