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New Cannabis Company Designs All-in-One Marijuana Storage Case and Humidor

All-in-One Marijuana Storage Case and Humidor | GREEN RUSH DAILY


New Cannabis Company Designs All-in-One Marijuana Storage Case and Humidor

A new cannabis company called Apothecarry has created an all-in-one cannabis storage box that’s designed to not only keep herb secure and discreet but to maintain its quality and freshness as well.

“The current market for ancillary cannabis related accouterment, and particularly containers and storage solutions, does not appeal to the lifestyle, needs and aesthetics of today’s cannabis users,” Apothecarry CEO Whitney Beatty said in a recently published press release.

“Consumers are now as selective of the quality of their medicinal and recreational marijuana as they are their whiskey, wine, or craft beer. The Apothecarry Case is the natural next step in the evolution of cannabis.”

The company touts its new product as a high-class storage case that keeps people’s marijuana stash safe and discrete, while also controlling for environmental factors that could damage the quality of the herb.

Here’s how the company defines its Apothecarry Case:

“It’s a showpiece, with function. It is crafted from the finest hardwood and uniquely designed to organize everything you need in one place—safely secured with a dual combination and key lock, so kids and pets are being kept safe, roommates are kept at bay, and nosey visitors won’t see or smell your stash.”

“The airtight case is separated into two sections to prevent odors like resin from cross contaminating your fresh herbs. One side to host your strains, dabs, and oil canisters, and a separate side that holds your grinder, tools, papers, pipes, and vaporizers.”

While having a fancy-looking place to store your weed is one thing, maybe the most exciting aspect of this new product is the focus it places on properly storing cannabis to ensure its quality and potency.

The folks at Apothecarry have apparently done their research, and have designed their new storage case to keep ganja safe from the two things that most affect its quality: light and air.

The wooden box is built to keep all light out and comes equipped with a combination lock to ensure that nobody gets into it.

The case also comes with “four air-tight humidity jars specially designed to keep air out and regulate the humidity in your jars to 62% humidity, perfect for cannabis.”

This level of humidity keeps the bud’s trichomes from drying out, thereby helping maintain its quality.

Check out the video the company just released to show off its new product and explain how it works:

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