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David Irving Blasts NFL Rules And Admits To Playing Every Game High

David Irving Blasts NFL Rules And Admits To Playing Every Game High


David Irving Blasts NFL Rules And Admits To Playing Every Game High

This is the second time in the past two years Irving will miss the first four games of the NFL season.

The NFL, by all intents and purposes, still employs a strict non-marijuana drug policy. Their notoriously stringent stance against a plant that has proven medicinal benefits has also, unsurprisingly, irked plenty of their own players—both current and former. Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle David Irving, who is coming off a breakout season in which he recorded seven sacks despite missing the first four games of the NFL season because of a PED-related suspension, will once again be forced to sit out after testing positive for marijuana in the offseason.

However, it’s safe to say Irving is not thrilled about his league-mandated ban. So much so, he took to social media to voice some of his angst before accepting the reality of the situation.

David Irving Blasts NFL

On Friday, David Irving voiced some of his own concerns about the NFL’s incumbent policy regarding marijuana.

Originally, Irving posted the following: “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change … The courage to change the things I can … And the wisdom to know the difference.”

However, after a few ‘trolls’ made their way onto the defensive lineman’s account, questioning his work ethic after his marijuana-related suspension, Irving fired back. He even admitted to smoking weed prior to every game last season.

”Check this, y’all wanna judge n say what’s right or wrong.” Irving said on his Instagram account. “These guys prescribe me Xanax bars , ambient , and painkillers , some of us , like myself have been smoking weed since 12. Never been in trouble w the law. Always had a 3.0 or higher too. It’s natural , I’d much rather smoke weed than take all that lab made (expletive)… The nfl laws on weed are n we all know it. I’m from Cali. I’ve had my medical card. It’s nothing wrong with it. Also. Every game you seen me play in , I was medicated. I don’t see you or any of my coaches or previous coaches complaining about my play.”

Despite his prevalent (and legal) love for marijuana, Irving said he would ultimately stop smoking in order to preserve his career. However, the defensive tackle sounded pretty bitter about being forced to make a choice, regardless.

“No matter how up the rules are, I have to follow them,” Irving said.

“I’m a survivor and I have to do this for myself and the ones I love.”

Irving is set to return to the Cowboys in time for their October 8th matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

The NFL And Weed

The Dallas Cowboys are, most likely, all too familiar with the NFL’s cannabis policy.

Another one of their defensive lineman—former first-round pick Randy Gregory, has been suspended for the better part of the last three seasons due to multiple failed drug tests stemming from pot. He was suspended all of last season after his third suspension over the course of a year. He was re-instated back in July.

Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones, unsurprisingly, has also voiced his displeasure with the NFL’s stance on cannabis, and hopes the league will one day amend their policy.

There have also been plenty of NFL players that have advocated for its use in sports. Ex-NFL offensive lineman Ryan O’Callaghan is just one of many former players to champion its usage in the league.

“For people like me, marijuana is a godsend because you don’t want to take these pills,” he said in a recent interview with USA TODAY Sports. “Marijuana is not addicting. People who say that have never smoked it. I have an addictive personality. It’s not addictive.”

The good news for players, however, is the league has begun to research some of the medicinal benefits of cannabis. The NFL has toyed with the idea of a CBD-filled concussion pill, and plenty of studies are being done regarding the usage of the plant. Hopefully, the league makes a change sooner, rather than later.

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