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Michael Phelps Loves Weed and Winning

Michael Phelps Loves Weed and Winning


Michael Phelps Loves Weed and Winning

The media have chastised Michael Phelps over his use of marijuana. But whatever he’s doing is working for him in both his athletic career and personal life.

Michael Phelps Loves Weed And Winning

Michael Phelps is perhaps the only swimmer in the world who is a household name. Being the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time, this shouldn’t be surprising. Phelps has won 28 Olympic medals, and 23 of them are gold. Aside from his long list of feats, Phelps is regarded by those who know him as a genuinely good-hearted person. Some in the media have chastised the athlete over his use of marijuana, but why? Whatever he’s doing seems to be working for him in both his athletic career and his personal life.

Caught Green-Handed

In February of 2009, a picture surfaced of Phelps allegedly smoking weed out of a bong. The photo (below), snapped at a party at the University of South Carolina, turned out to be authentic as Phelps would later admit.

Michael Phelps Loves Weed and Winning

Michael Phelps ripping a bong.

The consequences were numerous: the swimmer lost his Kellogg’s sponsorship, was suspended for three months by USA Swimming, and was lambasted by the media. In light of Phelps’s proven track record of abstaining from performance-enhancing drugs, a suspension for smoking weed at a party seemed excessive to some.

The athlete is a part of Project Believe, an organization that tests US Olympians more often than the guidelines require, and he has never failed a test. Supporters of Phelps say that this proves he knows the difference between merely enjoying his off-time and cheating to gain an edge.

The Best Swimmer of All Time

Michael Phelps has a long list of awards stemming from his five Olympic appearances. In 2000, at just the age of 15, Phelps made his first appearance, finishing in fifth place in the 200-meter butterfly.

His next outing in ’04 was much more successful: Phelps won 6 gold medals, and 2 bronze medals. 2008 and 2012 resulted in similar outcomes as he amassed even more golds. This weekend, Phelps again brought home some victories for the US, placing first in 5 events in Rio de Janeiro.

Phelps has also set more world records than any other swimmer with 39. Alongside these records, he has been recognized by dozens of people and organizations for his outstanding performance. He even has a street named after him in his hometown of Baltimore.

Philanthropy and Personal Life

Phelps has been described by Bob Bowman, his swimming coach since the tender age of 11, as “a man incredibly invested in the success of the people he cares about,” who is “unbelievably kind-hearted.” Ian Thrope, an Australian swimmer whom Phelps has idolized growing up, also had great things to say about the man: “I’m really proud of him… he has grown up and matured into a great human being.”

Phelps’s actions in the public light seem to bear this out. After the 2008 Olympic games, Phelps spent $1 million dollars to start the Michael Phelps Foundation which focuses on promoting the sport of swimming and healthier lifestyles in youngsters. 2 years later, he spearheaded the “im” program which teaches the value of an active and healthy lifestyle to children. The Foundation also holds an annual fundraiser, the Michael Phelps Foundation Golf Classic, that helps to raise money for charity.

A Remarkable Man

Michael Phelps is not only an incredibly successful swimmer: he’s a genuinely compassionate human being as well. Whether or not he enjoys some ganja on his off-time shouldn’t discount his remarkable deeds. Perhaps he needs to smoke a little weed to help him with his infamous 12,000-calorie-a-day-diet. Whatever the case may be, we here at Green Rush Daily commend Michael on his work, and congratulate him for yet another outstanding Olympic games performance at Rio de Janeiro.

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