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Two University Of Florida Football Players Cited For Weed Possession

Two University Of Florida Football Players Cited For Weed Possession


Two University Of Florida Football Players Cited For Weed Possession

Earlier this week, two University of Florida football players cited for weed possession early Monday morning.

Another day, another weed-induced arrest, as two Florida football players cited for weed possession on Monday.

Getting Caught With Weed

Receiver James Robinson and linebacker Ventrell Miller, both Freshmen, were caught with weed in their on-campus apartments early Monday morning. They were both charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

According to a police report, a Residential Assistant smelled weed outside of the apartments at about 12:30 a.m. Monday morning. The R.A. called police soon after, and complained about a “strong odor of burnt cannabis emanating in the air.”

University police found the apartment and knocked on the door, where they were greeted by Robinson’s roommate. The roommate said the smoke was coming from Robinson’s room.

The officers entered Robinson’s room to a cloud of smoke, with Robinson and Miller in the room. There was also a styrofoam cup, presumably being used as an ashtray.

The officers asked Robinson where the cannabis was, and he promptly removed two bags of weed from the top drawer. Robinson and Miller both admitted to owning a bag a piece. An on-call dean was then notified.

Final Hit: Florida Football Players Cited For Weed Possession

This isn’t the first transgression for either player this year. Miller, along with seven other Florida players, is suspended indefinitely for the misuse of school-issued funds. Although the report didn’t name specifics, apparently the players used funds from their scholarships to purchase electronic equipment.

The players then reported their cards stolen. The seven players were required to return the electronics, or pay back the school. Robinson wasn’t involved in that particular scandal but was cited for weed possession earlier this year. He was caught with weed on his official visit to Ohio State before he made his commitment to Florida.

As of now, it’s unclear if the players will be punished for this latest incident. According to a team spokesman, Head Coach Jim McElwain is aware of the situation and has spoken to both players.

While it remains a poor decision by both players, it doesn’t spell doom either. Although cannabis still remains a somewhat taboo subject in sports, there have been many professional players who have clamored for its availability as a necessary medicine.

Ryan O’Callaghan, a retired offensive lineman, claims that weed would be a “godsend” for NFL players. Not only could cannabis help with pain relief, but it’s been proven to reverse some of the effects of degenerative brain disease such as CTE.

Either way, rules are rules, and Robinson and Miller broke them. Let’s just hope the punishment is small enough to fit the crime.

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