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Watch These Three Grandpas Smoke Weed For the First Time



Watch These Three Grandpas Smoke Weed For the First Time

Three Grandpas smoke weed for the first time on camera. Their reactions are hilarious!

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching the least likely people come together to smoke weed. What do you see when you think of three Grandpas passing time together? Maybe bingo, but these badass Grandpas smoke weed for the first time on camera. They cited negative stigma around cannabis as their reasons for never trying it. Clearly, times are changing and so are these OG’s opinions on cannabis. Watch them smoke and see how they liked their first time.

Grandpa’s First Hit

To start the interviewer tries to pressure the elderly fellows into smoking the bong first. Two of them chose to smoke joints.

Graham (Right)

The Grandpa in the brown jacket is Graham. When presented the bong he doesn’t hesitate to take on the challenge. He milks it until the chamber is pure white. No one tells him he has to pull the bowl out to clear it. He figures it out later, clears it and coughs for a bit. A cough didn’t stop him though, about 5 minutes later he milks his second hit.

“I rather do this than drink,” concluded Graham.

Marvin (Center)

Marvin is the Grandpa in the Beanie. He initially claims the weed does nothing to him. He even asks if it is a placebo. About five minutes later brown jacket grandpa is peer pressuring him to hit the bong but he claims to already be “done.”

Marvin says, “I drank a lot and this has no comparison.” He goes from the least impressed to the most overwhelmed of the group pretty quickly.

Robert (Left)

Robert is on the left wearing the black button up. He sticks to the joint for his first smoke. He coughs but doesn’t let that stop him from continuing.

“This here is being sponsored by Luden’s cough drops, right?”

Grandpa’s First Vape

The hosts of the show drop a PAX 3 vaporizer onto the table and tell the three OG’s to try and figure it out. Not only do you get to see Grandpas smoke weed for the first time you also get to see how they feel about smoking vs. vaping.

Marvin (Center)

Upon first observation, Marvin says the PAX 3 “looks space age.” He doesn’t do much vaping probably because he’s already soaring. He eats munchies and starts talking sun conspiracy theories. “Is it real? It feels real.” Only someone high for their first time would contemplate how real the sun is. He remains skeptical because he can’t reach out and touch it.

Robert (Left)

Graham is the first to fiddle with it. He figures out how to turn it on and takes the first hit. His reaction was, “yeah, yeah, that, oh definitely.” The one hit definitely made him “feel a bit different.”

Graham (Right)

After Robert figures out how to turn it on Graham asks “is it a flashlight?” He takes a few pulls of his own and 30 minutes in he begins having difficulty reading. The hosts keep asking the group questions and when it’s Graham’s turn he responds, “I don’t think I heard anything you said.” A few minutes after that he’s asleep at the desk. He claims he can see and hear everything but is too tired to move. Welcome to being stoned, Graham.

Final Hit: Grandpas Smoke Weed for the First Time

Data from the CDC illustrates the elderly are smoking more weed now than ever before. They all seemed to enjoy themselves and nothing at all went wrong. These three Grandpa’s just had their perspectives shifted after smoking weed for the first time.

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