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Flubber Strain Review and Information

Flubber Strain


Flubber Strain Review and Information

Flubber Strain


Flubber is making a name for itself as a super high yield strain that produces a sh*t ton of huge, beautiful buds.

Its flowers tend to be heavy resin producers and the thick coating of trichomes that cover most parts of the plant take on a range of colors including milky white, purple, red, and pink.

Because it’s both a fairly forgiving plant and a high yield plant, Flubber is ideal for beginning growers.


Flubber is a potent indica-dominant strain that gives users the heavy body highs they’ve come to expect from a high quality indica.

Flubber is the resin-heavy offspring of The Flav and Alien Bubba Berry.


Flubber is a newcomer to the cannabis scene, but it’s already making some serious noise. It first came onto the market just last year, and was almost immediately named one of the Top 10 best strains of 2015.


Flubber comes to us from the cannabis geniuses at La Plata Labs. This cannabis company is based high up in the La Plata Mountains of Colorado.

Clearly, the high altitude and the 420-friendly atmosphere of Colorado played key roles in the development of this kick ass strain.

Since its release, it can be found primarily in dispensaries throughout Colorado, although it can also be increasingly found in other locations as well.

As it continues growing in popularity and building a fan base, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it popping up in more and more places in the future.


Because Flubber is a decently potent indica strain, it tends to give users some pretty heavy body highs. It’s probably not the best strain to smoke at a party, unless you’re content to just veg out on the couch all night.

With that said, this strain is perfect for end of day uses. If you’re trying to relax and mellow out after a rough day, this strain will immediately take the edge off.

Because of these characteristics, it’s best medicinal uses tend to be for sleep problems and anxiety.

Additionally, because Flubber is such a resin machine, anybody interested in making any sort of extract will love this strain.

Simply put, a few hits from a nug and you should be as relaxed as you could possibly want to be, ready to take it easy, chill out, or go to bed.

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