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Dabs Will Get You As High As You Can Possibly Get

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Dabs Will Get You As High As You Can Possibly Get

You’re at a party and suddenly everyone seems distracted by this girl at the kitchen table. She’s just pulled a twisted glass pipe out of her bag. A bong, you think at first, but this looks more complicated, more intricate. It has parts you’ve never seen before: specifically, there’s no bowl, just a strange metal platform where the bowl should be.

Next, she takes out a blowtorch, one you’ve seen in movies like Requiem for a Dream or CRASH, a blowtorch for cooking some serious drugs.

The girl starts heating up the metal until it looks red hot. Then, she take out a dropper of some dark, gooey stuff, and drops a pea-sized chunk of it on the hot metal.

It’s vaporizes instantly, sending dense smoke through the pipe and into some lucky party guest’s lungs. Cheers ring up from all around.

Dabs: A Niche Corner of Pot Culture

Scenes like that are not typically the ones you hear described by people who smoke pot or know what smoking pot looks like.

Blowtorches, complicated pipes, sticky goos… none of that fits the standard image of bowls, bongs, blunts, joints, edibles and bags of tree that most people have come to associate with pot culture.

But what all these new tools are designed to do is deliver the strongest, purest high available today. Exactly the kind of high that smoking marijuana concentrates delivers.

Marijuana concentrates, or “dabs,” are more technically known as Butane Hash Oils.

They’re the result of a chemical process of extracting THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids from marijuana and leaving the rest of the plant behind.

And they deliver intense, long-lasting highs with minimal smoking. As they say, “a little dab’ll do ya!”

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Do Dabs Deliver a Different High?

It’s the intense high that “dabbing” delivers which explains its popularity among stoners and tokers of all stripes who are looking for newer, better ways to achieve the psychotropic effects endowed by THC.

Dabs are a popular topic among veterans who find their tolerance to THC rising beyond the range that smoking bud can deliver in an average session.

And virtually everyone you ask will tell you the same thing: dabbing delivers a devastating high, one beyond the pale of anything that even the dankest bud can offer.

It Feels Like the Very First Time!

Some dabbers have described feeling like they did when they smoke pot for the first time: that overwhelming euphoria, that giddiness, that intense body high.

Others have reported being couch-bound the high was so hard, waiting out the roller-coaster ride in their own imaginations.

All of that is pretty exciting for marijuana users who have settled into the same old pattern of sensations and are looking for something more intense without venturing out into other drugs.

That nostalgia for the good old days when you just started smoking herb can be a pretty powerful motivation for revisiting some of those intense sensations.

On the other hand, given the human tendency to always crave more, dabs may be the upper limit of being stoned. It’s always sad to reach the end of an amazing journey.

Dabs Not Recommended For First-Timers!

As much as veteran stoners may crave the good old days, dabs are not a recommended approach for introducing someone to the wonderful world of weed.

There are reports out there of first-time users being turned-off from grass for life because dabbing took them on a journey they couldn’t control and couldn’t understand.

Like good sex, you just can’t go from zero to 100. You’ve gotta warm things up, get the mood right, learn about you and your partner’s likes and dislikes.

And people who know how to love weed know that it’s a relationship that’s worth exploring before taking it to the extremes.

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Once You Go Dabs You Won’t Go Back…

That doesn’t mean that plenty of people won’t love dabbing the first time around, but it makes you worry that the time-tested pleasures of lighting up a fat bowl of stinky and passing it around with friends won’t be good enough for those who take to dabbing from the get go.

If you fall in love with that intense high only dabbing can bring, you may set yourself up for a world of disappointment.

Despite the Imagery, Dabs Are Only Getting More Popular

One of the things people should be talking about is the difference between legalizing marijuana and accepting pot culture.

Even though legalization is starting to move forward, in many ways pot remains a stigma in people’s eyes.

Images of “reefer madness” still echo around in the brains of some Americans, and the “hard drug” look of dabbing may pose a problem for gaining weed acceptance and tolerance in the U.S. Still, that doesn’t seem like it’s slowing the Dab-Train down one drop.

And with concentrates lighting up the legalized cannabis market in places like Colorado and Washington, and even part of the World Cannabis Cup, we may soon be looking at the day when it’s possible to light up inconceivably pure and potent dabs of Butane Hash Oils.


In other words, dabbing may be the key to the best high of your life. If you think you can handle it.

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