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Donald Trump Bong Brings A Little Humor To Presidential Race

Donald Trump Bong Brings A Little Humor To Presidential Race


Donald Trump Bong Brings A Little Humor To Presidential Race

Donald Trump Bong

This new Donald Trump bong is hilarious and could add a little mellow to what is becoming an increasingly tense race for the presidential nomination. The piece was designed by Tom Mason, an artist from Byron Bay, Australia, who specializes in making all sorts of strange, interesting, and funny ceramic smoking pieces. The Donald Trump bong is being sold by online retailer Gatorbeug.

In honor of 4/20 Gatorbeug has showcased the Trump bong as one of its featured pieces. It seems like everyone’s talking about Donald Trump these days. Trump fans are loudly preaching the gospel of Donald while Trump critics have been equally outspoken in their critiques of his controversial statements and ideas.

But either way, it seems that the idea of smoking weed out of Donald Trump’s head could be appealing to all sides of the political spectrum.

His fans might see it as a chance to pay homage to their new hero by getting high in the presence of his likeness. On the other hand, critics may see it as a way to make light of the presidential hopeful.

When it comes to where Mason and Gatorbeug stand on the man whose face has now become their latest smoking piece, here’s what the retailer’s website has to say:

The Donald Trump bong retails on the site for $89.

Donald Trump Bong on Legalization

Donald Trump Bong Brings A Little Humor To Presidential Race

Given the hyper-conservative nature of Trump’s campaign, he’s been surprisingly open to ideas about cannabis. Before he ever tried to move into politics, Donald Trump went on record saying that the U.S.’s war on drugs is “a joke.” He also said that the best way to “take the profit away from these drug czars” is by legalizing cannabis and other drugs.

Since he launched his bid to become the Republican Party’s presidential nominee, however, Trump’s been a little less forward with his ideas about marijuana.

He told GRD: “Legalized marijuana is always a tough question. For medicinal purposes and medical purposes, it’s fine.”

But he seemed to shy away from questions about flat-out legalizing marijuana. When Bill O’Reilly asked him about legalization, here’s what Trump said:

“I would really want to think about that one Bill because in some ways, I think it’s good and in other ways, it’s bad.”

At this point, it remains unclear whether these more recent statements reflect changes in the way Trump feels about marijuana or if they’re just more conservatively “safe” ways to talk about it.

Either way, the Donald Trump bong has given Trump lovers and haters at least one thing they can both agree on, you’ll have fun taking a nice bong rip out of the Donald Trump bong.

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