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What is a Popper Bong?

What is a Popper Bong?


What is a Popper Bong?

A popper bong is made for lovers of spliffs and bongs. Spliffs are joints that contain both cannabis and tobacco. So if you happen to enjoy the feeling you get from mixing both together, you may want to try a popper. It’s basically packing a bong with weed and some tobacco, usually from a cigarette. We’ll go over everything you need to know about a popper bong before you try it.

Mixing Weed and Tobacco

What is a Popper Bong?

Mixing the two herbs together is nothing new. As we mentioned it’s been done with spliffs and probably by anyone without a solid weed connect. If you’re smoking low-quality buds you can compensate by adding tobacco for a buzz.

This is obviously one of the least healthy ways to consume cannabis. Many people have come to the realization that poppers are gross and addicting. In fact, users have reported feeling stabbing chest pains. Worst of all, spliffs have been found to be a cause for the rise in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

The COPD Foundation points to the fact that “tobacco contains over 4,000 toxic substances which destroy the lungs. Marijuana for all we know is less toxic, probably containing up to 400, but the combination of smoking marijuana and tobacco they interact and it changes the whole thing into a poison—a poison which destroys the structure and function of the lungs with a lot of consequences.”

Finally, adding tobacco to the bowl of your expensive bong is a bad idea. Most popper smokers use cheap acrylic bongs because things get gross fast. The bong water from a popper is one of the foulest things you will ever come across.

Origin of the Name “Popper Bong”

What is a Popper Bong?

So where does “popper” come into play? Well, the name comes from a specific way of mixing tobacco and weed. Spliff smokers in Canada got bored and creative with an acrylic bong. These bongs usually come with a metal shaft for a down stem. The shaft is wide enough for a cigarette to plug it up.

The idea is to rip a piece of a cigarette and stuff it in the down stem. Pack some weed on top of it and you’ve prepared yourself a popper bong rip.

Once you light it the goal is to rip that bad boy until the cherry reaches the cigarette. Keep ripping and you will hear the whole cherry and cigarette pop into the bong. That’s why they call it a popper bong!

The term is now used to describe bongs packed with weed and cigarette tobacco. Also referred to as “packing a mole,” users pinch enough tobacco out of their cigarette into the bowl for an added buzz.

Final Hit

What is a Popper Bong?

Many users online have reported suffering from their addiction to poppers. It may be fun to try for lovers of tobacco and cannabis. However, we’d think twice before making this a part of your routine. Spliffs have been found to be poison. Using water to stack bigger hits isn’t doing your lung any additional favors. Now that you know what a popper bong is, would you try it?

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