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World’s Largest Bong Debuts In Las Vegas Cannabis Museum

World's Largest Bong Debuts In Las Vegas Cannabis Museum
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World’s Largest Bong Debuts In Las Vegas Cannabis Museum

A symbol of Nevada’s thriving marijuana industry.

One of the nation’s first-ever cannabis museums will be getting a pretty big gift to help commemorate the ongoing legalization of marijuana. The Cannabition Cannabis Museum is set to open its doors in just a few short weeks, and on display front and center, is the museum’s main attraction—the world’s largest bong.

Or, Bongzilla, for short.

World’s Largest Bong Will Debut In the Cannabition Cannabis Museum

According to the LA Times, the world’s largest bong weighs more than 800 pounds and is more than 24-feet high. There will also be a two-story staircase winding around the object, just so to tourists can get an up-close look at the work of art—which also happens to be glow-in-the-dark.

And to put it in smoker’s terms—the bowl itself can fit up to a quarter pound of weed.

The bong is set to become the main attraction at the Cannabition Cannabis Museum—a 9,000-square-foot museum with 12 exhibit rooms, a full bar, and plenty of shops for all of your cannabis needs.

The museum is set to open it’s doors on September 20th, just in time for downtown Vegas’ Life is Beautiful festival.

J.J. Walker, the museum’s founder, says his cannabis exhibit will further enhance Nevada’s already-thriving recreational weed industry.

“It’s really the beginning of the journey,” Walker said, per the Las Vegas Sun. “We’re going to take visitors from seed to high. It’s a larger-than-life experience with large installations, Instagramable areas and a multisensory journey.”

Nevada state Sen. Tick Segerblom— a staunch supporter of legal marijuana, thinks the imagery of the behemoth bong fits nicely with what Nevada is trying to accomplish on the legal marijuana scope.

“It’s what we do best here, and it fits in well with our party and outlaw image,” Segerblom said. “But I’m also hoping it makes people aware that Las Vegas is the perfect place for the cannabis culture and, if we can pull this off, it will become a major focal point for us.”

Jerome Baker’s “Bongzilla”

Bongzilla was created by Jason Harris—a 47-year-old artist who has been making bongs for a living for decades. His name might actually be familiar to some—he was arrested back in 2003 during the Operation Pipe Dreams scandal, which saw the Federal Justice Department raid, and eventually, arrest comedian and notorious cannabis advocate Tommy Chong for an illegal online bong shop.

Now, however, its safe to say Harris will not be persecuted for his creations. In fact, Harris thinks his bong could be the beginning of something great in Vegas—he believes Sin City could be the next Amsterdam.

“Las Vegas will be the new Amsterdam of the world,” he said to the LA Times. “I see it as a big lighthouse and beacon that says, ‘Just smoke me.’”

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