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How To Smoke A Time Bomb Bowl

How To Smoke A Time Bomb Bowl
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How To Smoke A Time Bomb Bowl

Looking for new ways to get high? Want to get absolutely blasted? Look no further than the time bomb bowl.

Looking for new ways to get high? We’ve got you covered. If you haven’t tried smoking a time bomb bowl before, it’s time to start. You pretty much bury a blunt in a bowl of weed and light it like a fuse. Eventually, the tip of the blunt will reach the rest of the weed and ignite by itself.

How To Smoke a Time Bomb Bowl

Before you smoke your time bomb bowl you’re going to have to set it up. That means you or a friend will need to roll a blunt. You can also roll a joint. If you go with a joint, remember that they smoke faster, which means you can get to the greens after only a few pulls. If you’re passing it around and you want to last a bit longer, a blunt will burn slowly and build anticipation.

Once you’ve got your blunt or joint rolled up, put it in the bowl of your bong facing up. Pack some ground up weed around it and you’re ready to go.

To smoke your time bomb bowl start by lighting the tip of the blunt. Once it’s smoking you can start ripping the bong. The chamber will fill up with smoke. Once it gets milky, pull the bowl out carefully so the blunt doesn’t fall out, and clear that MF. Once the tip of the blunt reaches the bowl get ready—tons of smoke will be coming your way.

Smoking a proper time bomb bowl takes practice to get right. You might have to put a lighter to the bowl if it doesn’t work out the first couple of times. Time bombs are not something you do on the daily; they’re more like a fun group activity.

The Time Bomb Bowl Challenge!

A challenge was born from the time bomb technique. Cannabis consumers attempt to smoke entire time bombs in as few pulls as possible. In fact, Josh from Strain Central on YouTube took the challenge. He was able to smoke the whole thing in only five breaths!

There are other innovative ways to smoke time bombs. We’ve seen twax time bombs, extendo time bombs, and more. You can get creative with it and do something original. Toss some crumble and kief on top of the bowl for a super time bomb bowl.

Final Hit

They may not be the most efficient way to get your toke on, but time bombs are definitely a blast. When done right you’ll probably get higher than you would smoking the blunt separately. The water from the bong makes it possible to get way more smoke in a single pull. However, we wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to make this a part of your daily routine. Having to roll up and properly stuff it every time can get tedious. Save the time bomb bowl for when you’re bored with friends and want to accomplish a true cannabis feat.

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