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The Best Weed Products Of 2016

The Best Weed Products Of 2016


The Best Weed Products Of 2016

Here’s our list of the best weed products of 2016

2016 has been a huge year for cannabis. The legal marijuana industry is continuing to grow. And a bunch of new states passed new cannabis laws. But that’s not all. Cannabis companies have been coming up with some of the dopest weed tech, supplies, and equipment of all time. Here are the best weed products of 2016.

Phoenician Grinder

The Best Weed Products Of 2016

What it is: Medical-grade grinders designed to be incredibly easy to use.
How much it costs: $29.99-$1,499.99
Why we like it: The grinding gurus at Phoenician Grinders have thought of it all.

To start with, their grinders are designed to accommodate any and all users. And they pay particular attention to the needs of medical cannabis patients.

Their “lobe-grip” engineering makes it easy for patients with a variety of conditions to effectively medicate. And the medical grade materials they’re built out of mean these grinders move beyond standard pot gear and into the realm of actual medical equipment.

But there’s even more. We love the huge variety of styles, sizes, and colors Phoenician has come up with. They’ve got two piece grinders, four piece grinder, and a ton of different colors. There’s even a 24 karat gold “Elite Series” for the true high roller.

And all their products are made in the U.S.A. From start to finish, Phoenician grinders are all about top shelf engineering and design. And you can feel it every time you grind your bud with one of their grinders.

Plazmatic X 2.0

The Best Weed Products Of 2016

What it is: A truly dope, high-powered, wind-proof, all-electric lighter.
How much it costs: $33.75 and up
Why we like it: The Plazmatic X 2.0 is the newest upgrade from the folks at Plazmatic.

A couple of the biggest changes to this newest model are the Whisper-X technology, which gives it a silent ignition system, and a handy low-battery indicator light.

The most recognizable thing about the Plazmatic X 2.0 is its iconic crisscrossing electric beams.

This lighter is practical and stylish. It cuts down on waste caused by disposable lighters and means you only have to buy one lighter once. And since it doesn’t use butane, it tastes better.

When it comes to the style side of things, all you have to do is light it up once. The purple crisscrossing beams of electricity are like nothing else you’ve ever seen, let alone sparked up with.

Nuggy Tool

The Best Weed Products Of 2016

What it is: The ultimate, do-it-all, multi-tool for the serious cannabis smoker.
How much it costs: $29.70
Why we like it: We love the Nuggy because it delivers. Period.

This is the only tool you’ll ever need. The engineers who designed this thing somehow managed to fit at least 10 separate tools into a sleek little device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Here’s what the Nuggy includes:

  • Knife
  • Scissors
  • Roach clip
  • Tamper
  • Mini-spoon
  • Bowl scraper
  • Pick/poker
  • LED flashlight

This is not your daddy’s Swiss Army Knife. This is a must-have for today’s serious cannabis consumer.


The Best Weed Products Of 2016

What it is: The latest vaporizer from the legendary PAX lineup.
How much it costs: $274.99
Why we like it: It’s sleek, powerful, easy to use, stylish, and discreet.

The entire PAX lineup has become the go-to when it comes to cannabis vaporizers. But the PAX 3 takes the hugely popular PAX 2 to an entirely new level.

And the PAX 3 elevates it all. You can use it to vape both extracts and flower. And it’s got a rechargeable battery that efficiently powers an oven that’s twice as strong as the PAX 2. The result: a world-class vaping experience.

The PAX 3 continues the PAX tradition of sleek styling as well. Choose from silver, gold, and black, and take your entire vaping experience to new “highs.”

Genius Pipe

The Best Weed Products Of 2016

What it is: A futuristic pipe for all ages.
How much it costs: $89.95-$119.95
Why we like it: You have to try it to fully understand.

The Genius Pipe is one of the most ingenious solutions to the age-old problems of hot and dirty smoke. It uses a patented “dimple” technology to cool smoke down and pull out nasty toxins simultaneously.

And the entire thing is small and slim enough to slide into your purse, backpack, or pocket easily. Take it with you wherever you go and treat yourself to a super smooth, health-conscious smoking experience no matter where you are.

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