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Plazmatic X Lighter: An Out Of This World Smoking Experience

Plazmatic X Lighter: An Out Of This World Smoking Experience


Plazmatic X Lighter: An Out Of This World Smoking Experience

The Plazmatic X Lighter is a wind-proof, all-electric, high-powered lighter that’s revolutionizing the pot-smoking experience from the ground up.

If you’re like most smokers, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about your lighter. You just spark up when you need it and move on. But the folks at Plazmatic, makers of the Plazmatic X, are showing us that what we use to light up makes a huge difference.

Their wind-proof, all-electric, high-powered Plazmatic X lighters are revolutionizing the pot-smoking experience from the ground up. And along the way, they’re helping shape the future of the entire cannabis scene.

Our Experience With the Plazmatic X

Plazmatic X Lighter: An Out Of This World Smoking Experience

Right off the bat, we loved holding this thing in our hands. From its size, shape, and weight, to its zinc alloy exterior, to the sound of its top flicking open, every detail of the Plazmatic X feels right.

The experience of using the Plazmatic X was equally positive. As soon as we pushed the ignition button, two purple beams of electricity shot out of the lighter’s nodes. Definitely eye catching.

We were a little skeptical the first time we ignited the lighter. That’s mostly because other electric lighters give off a high-pitched buzzing sound. But Plazmatic X is wonderfully quiet, thanks to their new Whisper-X technology.

After being happily surprised with the cool looking purple beams and the no buzzing sound, we were ready to get to work. It was time to spark up some bud.

Smoking With Plazmatic X Lighter

Plazmatic X Lighter: An Out Of This World Smoking Experience

We tested our Plazmatic X on a bunch of different applications. We lit a joint, puffed out of a regular spoon bowl, took some bong hits, and hit a pre-rolled cone.

It took a minute or two to get used to lighting up with the Plazmatic X. Since it doesn’t use a flame, the process was a little bit different. But we quickly got the hang of it. And as soon as we did, it was awesome.

For joints, we found it worked best if we just held the beams close to the tip of the J. Instead of trying to put the joint directly into the beams, we put the lighter close to the joint and inhaled. The purple beams bent down to the joint and immediately gave us a nice, even spark.

Once we got the hang of it, the Plazmatic X worked equally well with bowls and bongs. It worked best when we held the lighter flat, just above the herb. As soon as we gave it a sharp inhale, the beams again bent down and lit the bud.

The last thing we wanted to test was the company’s claim that the electrical beams are wind-proof. The verdict: it definitely passed the test. We filled a pre-rolled cone and took it outside on a windy day.

We didn’t have any problems. As soon as the beams got close to the cone, and we gave it a quick inhale, the beams bent down and gave us a nice light.

From start to finish, our experience with the Plazmatic X was solid. It feels good in the hand, it works well with any application, and it looks like nothing else we’ve ever seen.

And to top the whole thing off, lighting up with the Plazmatic X gave us a super clean, tasty smoke because electrical beams don’t use butane or any other fuel. The result was a totally pure way to light up. And we could taste the difference. The flavors of our bud came through strong and clean.

A Serious Game Changer

Plazmatic X Lighter: An Out Of This World Smoking Experience

After our test runs, it’s clear that the Plazmatic X is a serious game changer. And it’s mixing things up in all sorts of positive ways.

The entire company started when founder Matthew Stoll wanted to find a green solution for the waste caused by disposable lighters. According to researchers, there are nearly 1 billion disposable lighters sold in the U.S. every year. And almost all of them will end up in a landfill. That’s a lot of waste.

It also means that smokers are buying a new lighter every month. And that doesn’t make economic sense.

In an effort to solve both problems at once, Stoll believed an electric lighter was the solution. And the Plazmatic X was born.

Instead of using a butane lighter until it runs out, tossing it, and getting another one, just plug in the Plazmatic X. It recharges using a built-in USB port. And an hour later, you’re ready for up to 100 lights.

The whole thing is easier on your wallet. And it means less waste going into the landfill. It’s a win-win for everyone. They even have a lighter replacement program if yours gets stolen or lost, which is very cool. It’s the only lighter company we know of that has such an option.

The Final Hit

Plazmatic X Lighter: An Out Of This World Smoking Experience

The Plazmatic X is a game changer. On the practical side, it gives smokers a greener, more economical way to light up. It reduces waste. And it provides a cleaner, purer, better tasting smoke, free of butane fumes.

On the style side, it looks cool as hell. And that’s on purpose. Stoll and his team knew that to change people’s habits, it had to do more than just work well. It had to look cool.

Lighting up with two bright purple, crisscrossing electrical beams definitely, maxes out the cool factor. Bring one of these to a party, and you’ll seriously blow some minds.

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