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How To Smoke A Joint: Step-by-Step Guide

How To Smoke A Joint


How To Smoke A Joint: Step-by-Step Guide

To have a good joint smoking sesh, you need to master some steps. From rolling to puffing, here’s everything you need to know about how to smoke a joint.

Introduction To Smoking Joints

In the world of weed what could be more classic than a joint? They’re small, discreet, easy to take with you on the go, and they just look cool. But here’s the thing. To have a good joint-smoking experience, you’ve got to master a few steps. From rolling to lighting to puffing, here’s everything you need to know about how to smoke a joint.

Step 1: Get Your Supplies

How To Smoke A Joint

You need three things: rolling paper, a filter, and ganja. For the rolling paper part, check out our guide to choosing the right paper.

For the filter, you’ve got a few options. You can roll your own or buy pre-made filter tips. Or you can use a reusable glass filter tip.

As for the ganja, you’ve got to break down that nug. Use a grinder, your fingers, or a small pair of scissors. Or follow these steps for making your own grinder at home.

Whatever you do, get that herb broken down into nice little chunks. This will let you spread it out and roll it up. It also gives you more surface area to burn. And that means you won’t waste your weed.

Step 2: Roll It Up

How To Smoke A Joint

Rolling joints is a real art. If you’re a rookie roller, don’t worry. Your first few joints will probably be a little sloppy. But that’s OK. We all started out that way. Just keep practicing, and you’ll be rolling world class joints in no time.

Here’s the process:

  1. Get your filter ready. If you’ve got a pre-rolled one, you’re good to go. If you’re rolling your own, check out our guide for rolling the perfect joint filter.
  2. Place filter in rolling paper. Hold the rolling paper in one hand in the shape of a U. Place the filter at one end of the paper. Be sure the side of the paper without glue is closest to you.
  3. Fill it with herb. You want to get a nice even layer of ganja in the bottom of that U-shaped paper. But don’t put so much in that it’s going to be hard to roll up.
  4. Start rolling. Use your thumbs to gently roll the weed back and forth. Do this until it forms an even, cylindrical shape.
  5. Roll the side of paper closest to you up and over the weed. Now tuck it in.
  6. Lick the sticky edge of the rolling paper. Now bring it down over the other side and seal it shut. Run your finger along the seam to be sure it’s sealed.

For an even more detailed breakdown, check out our step-by-step guide for rolling the perfect joint. Or follow along with Seth Rogen.

Step 3: Light Your Joint

How To Smoke A Joint

Lighting a joint isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. You need to light it the right way if you want it to burn all the way evenly down.

The goal is to create what weed smokers call a cherry. That’s the bright red portion of a joint that stays lit.

If you create a perfect cherry, your joint will burn smoothly and evenly the entire time. If you don’t, you risk canoeing your joint. That’s when a joint burns unevenly. Canoes can become a mess and can really f*ck up your smoking experience.

You do not want to light a joint the same way you do a cigarette. Don’t inhale and light at the same time. Instead, light it while holding it in your hand.

Start by applying flame only to the tip. Rotate the joint as you light it. You want the entire cylinder to ignite evenly and at the same time.

Once the entire tip of the joint has been lit, you can give it a little drag. Make sure that the end of the joint is now burning evenly all the way around.

If you start the cherry off right, your joint will burn perfectly. And this lets you get the most out of your smoking experience.

Step 4: Puff Away

How To Smoke A Joint

Once the cherry’s started, it’s time to get high. If you’ve done everything right so far, your joint should burn smoothly and evenly.

When you take a hit on a joint, don’t be too aggressive. A constant and gentle pull will give you all the smoke you need. And it won’t cause any weird changes in the way it’s burning.

Now simply puff away until the joint is spent.

How To Smoke A Joint: Do’s and Don’ts

So far we’ve focused on the mechanics of joint smoking. But there’s more. You’ve also got to follow etiquette. Especially if you’re smoking with friends.

Here are some do’s that will make you everybody’s favorite smoking partner:

Honor “roller’s rights.” Whoever rolls the joint gets to choose who sparks up. And they have every right to take that honor themselves.

The standard rule for joint smoking is puff, puff pass. And like we said above, don’t take such strong draws that you make the joint flare up and burn weird. Take a couple smooth hits and pass to whoever’s next. Usually that’s the person to your left.

Ash the joint before you pass it. Gently tap off the burnt, ashy end of the joint.

And now for a few don’ts:

Don’t be too aggressive. This goes for how hard you inhale. But it also goes for how you handle the joint. No need to pinch it or be too rough. Just be gentle and everyone will be happy.

Don’t babysit the joint. Remember that these things keep burning. So don’t sit there holding the joint while you’re telling your story—even if it’s the world’s greatest story. When it’s your turn, hit it and pass it. If you babysit that joint, you’re wasting everybody’s weed.

Don’t go at a joint with super wet lips. There’s no need to lick your lips before taking your turn. If your lips are all covered with saliva, you’re going to mess up the paper or the filter. And when that happens the entire joint can start falling apart. So just be cool. Take your hit, but don’t leave it soggy.

The Final Hit

Joints are the quintessential way to smoke weed. They’re iconic. But to do it right, you’ve got to know your sh*t.

A good joint-smoking experience is half science, half art. From rolling a tight joint to lighting the perfect cherry, it takes some skill and finesse. But when you have those skills, and you combine them with good etiquette, you’ve got everything you need for some seriously killer smoke sessions.

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