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7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly


7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

Several ways to consume marijuana discreetly

The smell of cannabis is unmistakeable. The skunk excuse may have worked in 1970, but it won’t help much today. Due to the stigma and legal status, you should keep your pot use on the low. Luckily, there are several ways to consume marijuana without getting caught. In fact, there are devices, methods of ingestion, and tricks you can use to stay under the radar. You should have smell-proof bags handy, so you can control when and where your weed can be smelled. We recommend steering clear of paper and cigar wraps. Trying to be discreet with papers and wraps is near impossible. Here are different ways to consume cannabis discreetly.

7. Genius Pipe

Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

The Genius Pipe is a revolutionary smoking device that lives up to its name – genius. It is small and discrete, while efficiently providing a healthy smoking experience.

Because inhaling hot smoke is known to have adverse effects on the lungs, the Genius Pipe aims to reduce this discomfort with its unique design without the use of a bulky water filtration system like a water pipe does.

So, you can get a safer smoke for your lungs in a smaller, more portable package. The Genius Pipe uses the science of dimple-surface technology in its design to keep your smoking experience enjoyable, healthy, and efficient. The device comes in three thin layers, held together with strong magnets. At the top, you have the cover with a small crevice to light the bud that’s packed in a small cavity on the middle layer.

To start smoking, you must slide the crevice of the cover over the cavity. When done, just slide the cover back to its original position to extinguish the fire. The bottom layer is covered in 2000 dimples for the purpose of cooling the smoke to room-temperature while filtering out smelly tars and resin with every draw.

Made of anodized aluminum, which is a material that’s used in medical devices and glass products, the Genius Pipe is completely safe to use. Anodized aluminum practically makes the Genius Pipe indestructible, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it and buying another one. If you manage to break it somehow, the lifetime warranty will keep you covered.


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