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7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly


7 Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

6. Candle / Incense

Ways To Consume Cannabis Discreetly

If you’re indoors, you’ll want to light a candle or incense as an added safety measure. You can use incense to mask the smell. However, we recommend smoke odor eliminating candles or sprays. Ditch the can of Febreze, it’s not fooling anyone who knows what cannabis smells like.

If you make a habit of lighting candles even when you don’t smoke, people will be less suspicious. Some sprays made to eliminate smoke odors end up just masking the smell of weed with their intense smell.

Candles smell just right, and they have been found to be effective in eliminating the smell of cannabis. Light a smoke odor exterminating candle before you start your smoke session. The longer the candle is active, the quicker it can get to eliminating unwanted smells.

After the session, leave the candle lit for about 30 minutes to ensure the smell of cannabis has completely left. The less smoke in the air, the easier it will be for the candle to eliminate all odors. You can exhale all smoke or vapor into a sploof to decrease the smell and amount of lingering smoke. Sploofs usually contain materials that absorb smoke, so nothing comes out of the end.

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