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Marijuana Diet: How Weed Can Make You Lose Weight

Marijuana Diet: How Weed Can Make You Lose Weight


Marijuana Diet: How Weed Can Make You Lose Weight

Marijuana Diet

Most people will automatically associate smoking cannabis with weight gain. Due to the “munchies” that occur after smoking certain strains of marijuana. But did you also know that different strains can have the opposite effect? For all the diet-crazed people out there, why not try the marijuana diet!

According to a San Diego State University study, marijuana has been linked to a lack of appetite and a greater loss of weight.

The study shows that those who regularly smoke medical marijuana have a behavioral difference than those who don’t. People that usually smoke medical marijuana have an increase in movement and physical mobility.

In other words, people that smoke marijuana tend to be more active and move more than those who don’t.

Also, those who smoke marijuana are more likely not to drink alcohol excessively, which is one of the behavioral functions that leads to obesity. According to Bustle, two beers has the equivalent amount of calories as two slices of Domino’s pizza. Damn.

Among states with legal medicinal marijuana laws, the study found that obesity was 2-6 percent less than states in which marijuana was legalized. This shows that the survey was not just random individuals, but whole states.

Marijuana can also be used raw to induce weight loss. Without smoking or burning the plant, there are an incredible amount of nutrients found in medicinal and regular marijuana.

Cannabis Juicing is becoming a popular weight loss trend because of the raw chemicals that are found in the actual plant. The chemicals THC-A and CBD-A, which change into THC and CBD once you burn them, are nutrients that help your body with cravings and hunger. These nutrients, however, are only found in the raw form of the plant.

To increase weight loss, some cannabis enthusiasts are also trying out cannabis detoxes. Like juicing, cannabis detoxes are a one day detox that gets rid of all of the chemical toxins that are trapped in the body. These toxins attribute to bloating, diarrhea, over-eating, and weight gain.

Cannabis detoxes are also good for the body by helping boost neural function, preventing the growth of cancer cells, increasing memory, and also promoting a faster metabolism. This increase of metabolism will help the body burn fat and prevent obesity. For an even healthier fix, mix in different fruits and veggies with your cannabis detox.

Whether it be smoking medicinal marijuana or even making homemade cannabis granola, science has proven that the real way to put off and keep off the weight is the marijuana diet.

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