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Get Free Weed For Cleaning Up Trash

Get Free Weed For Cleaning Up Trash


Get Free Weed For Cleaning Up Trash

If you’re a weed smoker in Maine, last weekend a good one. Thanks to a community service project, you could get free weed for cleaning up trash.

Anyone lucky enough to be in Maine over the weekend had a chance to get free weed for cleaning up trash. Thanks to Summit Medical Marijuana, the town of Gardiner, Maine is looking a whole lot cleaner—and weed smokers are a whole lot happier.

What’s Better Than Free Weed?

On Saturday, Summit Medical Marijuana hosted a green-themed community service project. Volunteers showed up at the dispensary and received plastic trash bags. They then went throughout the city picking up trash wherever they could.

As soon as volunteers filled their bags, they returned them to the dispensary, and as a thank you, the folks at Summit Medical Marijuana gave them a small bag of cannabis free of charge.

The event was a big success. According to local reports, dozens of people showed up. That means that dozens of bags’ worth of litter was removed from the streets of Gardiner. It also means that dozens of weed smokers toked up for free over the weekend. It was a win-win for everybody.

Free Weed For A Good Cause

Get Free Weed For Cleaning Up Trash

The owner of Summit Medical Marijuana got the idea for the event from a cannabis club in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Last summer, The Pothole Cannabis Club organized an event where volunteers got together to clean a local park. The club then gave everyone who showed up a free joint as a thank you gift for helping out.

After seeing the success this event had, Summit Medical Marijuana owner Dennis Meehan wanted to try it out in Gardiner, Maine.

” Colorado. There was a town that did this,” Meehan said. “They had a great response to this. So I was hoping to do the same thing in Maine.”

For both The Pothole Cannabis Club in Colorado Springs and Summit Medical Marijuana in Gardiner, the events were all about shooting down negative stereotypes about cannabis.  Meehan said he wanted to use the event to bring greater visibility to the medicinal potential of cannabis.

“It’s profound. The research. There’s a whole world of science out there,” he said. “When you see this plant have an incredibly life-changing impact on somebody that has given up on life, or somebody that has been given up on by modern medicine, and you can bring them back to life and give them a quality of life. It doesn’t affect that patient; it affects every single person in the family.”

Final Hit: Get Free Weed For Cleaning Up Trash

After last weekend’s successful event, Meehan wants to expand it throughout all of Maine. Last fall, voters in Maine voted to legalize recreational weed. At the beginning of 2017, it became legal to possess cannabis. It’s also legal to “gift” small amounts of weed, which is what Meehan’s group did last weekend. Currently, lawmakers in Maine are still working to finalize a tax structure for recreational cannabis.

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