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Wiz Khalifa Gets Serious About MMA Training

wiz khalifa gets serious about mma training


Wiz Khalifa Gets Serious About MMA Training

Hip-hop sensation and famous purveyor of pot Wiz Khalifa is training to be an MMA fighter.

Here’s something you thought you’d never read: noted rapper (and fan-nabis of the cannabis) Wiz Khalifa is training to be an MMA fighter. Well, not exactly—but the rapper known for smoking weed as much as his killer rhymes has taken on MMA (short for “mixed-martial arts”) as his latest pastime, according to footage released by the gossip site TMZ.

A Wiz in the Ring

Wiz Khalifa gets serious about MMA training

The video, which surfaced earlier today, shows rapper training with Fox Sports insider Jay Glazer, who is also the business partner of MMA fighter Randy Couture. Amid bunches of punches, Wiz can be seen trading blows with Glazer (i.e., kicking ass and taking names).

The footage was recorded during a recent vacation, where Khalifa and his girlfriend Izabela Guedes spent wine-tasting in Napa. According to sources, the couple also hung out with Glazer and TV personality Michael Strahan, who first made his name as an athlete himself. (Football, but still.)

So what kind of chops does Wiz have? As we’ve discovered, the rapper is no beginner. Wiz, a known purveyor of pot, has reportedly been engaged in MMA training for the past three months at Unbreakable Gym on L.A.’s Sunset Strip. TMZ also reported that among Wiz’s trainers include Ultimate Fighting Championship star Cat Zingano. Damn.

In another interview with the press, Glazer was quick to praise the hip-hop artist’s fighting skills. “Wiz Khalifa is doing phenomenal,” Glazer told reporters, mentioning that the usually rail-thin musician had put on 15 pounds of muscle.”He is in. He’s been (training) about four hours a day. Full MMA.” Let’s reiterate: hot freaking damn, kid.

“He looks at (MMA fighting) like a symphony,” Glazer concluded, satisfied with the progress of his latest mentee.

So, it’s true: Wiz Khalifa is training to be an MMA fighter, more or less. But has Wiz’s high-adrenaline hobby affected his weed habit?

Unfortunately, we’re not sure if it’s cut into his 80-joints-a-day habit. Regardless, as TMZ stated so eloquently, Khalifa apparently is now into packing “punches like he packs bowls.” We wish you all the luck, Wiz.

To see Wiz Khalifa hit his opponent like a bong, check out the video here.

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