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Wiz Khalifa Smokes Weed Before MMA Training

Wiz Khalifa smokes weed before MMA training


Wiz Khalifa Smokes Weed Before MMA Training

If you’re wondering if Wiz Khalifa smokes weed before MMA training, are you also wondering whether the earth is round?

Remember last week when we reported that famous rapper and weed smoker Wiz Khalifa is currently undergoing training for mixed martial arts (MMA)? Remember how we wondered whether or not this affects his 80-joints-a-day pot habit? Well, it looks like we finally know whether or not Wiz Khalifa smokes weed before MMA training (or after MMA training, for that matter). For inquiring minds that want to know, the answer is a resounding yes.

Wiz Khalifa Smokes Weed Before MMA Training

Wiz Khalifa smokes weed before MMA training

But first, a quick rundown for those who need to brush up a little on their Wiz Khalifa trivia. In case you live under a rock, the story broke earlier this month that Wiz Khalifa has been training for MMA fighting for the past four months. His trainers, which include sports insider and TV personality Jay Glazer and professional fighter Cat Zingano, have nothing but praise for his skill and dedication to the sport.

“Wiz Khalifa is doing phenomenal,” Glazer told the press when asked about the rapper’s progress, remarking that notoriously skinny Wiz had put on 15 pounds of muscle.”He is in. He’s been (training) about four hours a day. Full MMA.”

Fast forward to today: TMZ obtained a video of Wiz speaking to reporters outside of the Warwick Hotel in Los Angeles. After one reporter asked the international hip-hop star whether he still tokes despite his current MMA training regimen, Wiz was candid with his response.

“I smoke weed every day,” he told the press. “It’s good for you.”

Of course, this practice might change if Wiz ever gets into a professional ring. According to the bylines of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)—the de facto U.S. MMA league—athletes are randomly tested year-round for drugs, and first-time offers can be suspended from fighting for up to two years.  While the policy is meant to deter fighters from doping with performance-enhancing steroids, “specified substances” such as cannabis and cocaine are also banned.

If you want to see Wiz talk pot and punching, you can check out a video clip here.

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