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Different Cannabis Products For Your Pets

Medical Cannabis For Your Pets


Different Cannabis Products For Your Pets

Pets are a part of your family. You want to help them through any ailments or pain that they might experience in their life or old age. Medical cannabis for your pets just might be the right move. With medical marijuana and cannabis now being legal in 24 states, the uses for medicinal cannabis are growing. Manufacturers have begun using the plant for it’s CBD, rather than it’s psychoactive THC use.

The CBD component of the weed is what medicinally helps the user, in this case, your pet. CBD in recent studies has been shown to actively and rapidly treat epilepsy, inflammation in the organs, and pain in dogs and cats.

This is why edible manufacturers, such as Auntie Dolores are starting to create a marijuana edibles lines specifically with dogs in mind.

Co-owner of the Auntie Dolores line and veterinarian Dr. Sarah Brandon states that most of these edibles or capsules given to dogs or cats are extremely low in either CBD, but still incredibly useful.

However, this hasn’t stopped the FDA and Animal Poison Control Center from trying to shut it down.

The main complaints against medical cannabis for pets is that the levels of THC or CBD are way too intense. For some dogs, the CBD levels could cause heart problems or even dehydration problems.

Benefits of medical cannabis for pets:

Medical Cannabis For Your Pets

The FDA also states that animals who have too much of the cannabis edible are more prone to becoming agitated or anxious, which is also common in humans who have too much of an intake of THC.

Simple regulation can be seen taking place in companies like  Canna-Pets. They create and specialize in hemp and cbd based foods and medical products for your pets. Canna-pets makes safe herbal cannabinoid-based products created by real veterinarians to help animals lead better lives.

Medical Cannabis For Your Pets

The food is created from non-GMO organic hemp extracts that contain cannabinoids, which are found in an animal’s body.

The extra cannabinoids can help relieve extra pain, increase the amount of happiness by releasing dopamine, and also depletes the amount of anxiety a pet can feel. Other medicinal values of using medical cannabis for your

Other medicinal values of using medical cannabis for your pets is that it relieves seizures, muscles spasms stop the growth of tumors, and reduces vomiting or nausea.

These are all symptoms that dogs or cats can have during old age, which is treated by putting the animal down which means ending its life.

Pets are a part of your family, and you love them. Why not use medical cannabis for your pets to ensure that they live healthy and happy long lives?

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