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Best Bongs For Budget-Friendly Smokers

Best Bongs For Under $1000


Best Bongs For Budget-Friendly Smokers

A comprehensive list of the best bongs on the market that will enhance your smoke sessions, but won’t break your bank account.

Get Blazing with the Best Bongs for Your Buck

Most people start smoking weed via joints but eventually move on to bongs. When this happens, you’ll want the best bongs that will last.

Cheaper unbranded bongs are usually made in China and the quality control is minimal. American-made glass is usually higher quality because it is made in smaller batches to ensure consistency, function, and durability. If you’re into ripping the best bongs, below are a few companies worth looking into.

8. Grav Labs

Best Bongs For Under $1000

Grav Labs is one of the best bongs offering function and affordability. They have many of the most popular perc and bong designs without the hefty price.

All of their rigs and bongs are priced under $1000 and most are in the $100-$300 range.

Grav Labs are great for someone just getting into the glass game who’s looking for a bong with a bit of quality control, and the lower price is most likely due to the fact that the glass isn’t very thick.

However, Grav Lab pieces are made with scientific grade borosilicate glass. Most well-known glass artists today are using borosilicate glass because it can withstand high heats making it easier to mold.

You’ll still be spending enough to piss you off if you or a friend accidentally breaks it so make sure you’re careful.

Our Recommendation: Glycerin Recycler

7. Empire Glassworks

Best Bongs For Under $1000

One of the reasons a bong may cost hundreds of dollars is the artwork. Some of the best bongs are functional sculptures that take extra time and effort to craft.

As a result, glass art can get pricey costing upwards of thousands. Fortunately, Empire Glassworks offers aesthetically pleasing work that will also get you the quality of smoke you desire for well under a thousand dollars.

Empire has been blowing their glass in Placentia, California, USA since 2013.

Their team consists of artists and owners with 40 years of experience crafting various kinds of glass.

Each piece is individually designed by one of the highly skilled glassblowers in the Empire Glass network and many of their shapes come from customer suggestions. From aquarium style rigs to pop-culture inspired pieces like super mario and pokemon-themed water pipes, empire has a design for everyone.

Their most expensive pieces are still under $500, so you can get a good balance of artwork and function at a fair price.

Our Recommendation: Something that speaks to you

There are plenty of different artistic Empire Glasswork bongs; we don’t know what you’re into. There are star wars, charlie brown, and nature-themed pieces. Peek through their selection and find something you’ll want to look at. Choose the best bong design for you.

6. Hi Si

Best Bongs For Under $1000

If you’re into the newer scientific-style bongs, Hi Si was pretty much made for you. Nobody captures the scientific look quite as good as the Hi Si brand bongs.

Hi Si bongs are American-made and they stay a step above most glass companies while remaining under $500 per piece.

Once you get a decent collection of Hi Si pieces and accessories, it’ll look like you just got done raiding Walter White’s laboratory.

They offer unique percs and are easy to keep clean. Most of their pieces have a black nozzle on the side that can untwist to pour out dirty water or liquid bong cleaner.

Another innovation on Hi Si bongs is their downstem which has extra holes for diffusion. Their bowls also have a built in glass screen. Hi Si was one of the first companies to include this feature.

Their latest bongs come with unique in-house percs like the bell perc 2.0 and most have a splashguard to avoid any water shooting up into your mouth when those bubbles stack.

Our Recommendation: Triple Geyser Perc 23 Inch Beaker

If you like pieces with percs that make bubbles stack you’ll love the Triple Geyser by Hi Si. It includes three geyser percs, an ice pinch; and splash guard.

5. Burner Glassworks

Best Bongs For Under $1000

Burner Glassworks is based in Asheville, NC, USA. They have clear glass bongs, colored glass, heady bongs, percs, and more.

They’ve been in the game since 2012 and their product line features both scientific glass and heady pipes. Burner Glassworks collaborates with local artists and some of the most talented glassblowers in the United States.

As far as quality goes, they manufacture their pipes with the highest grade of German Schott glass.

With 45 years of industry experience, Burner Glassworks creates a beautiful blend of artistry and functionality.

Our Recommendation: Fat Can In-cycler Recycler Tube with Bent Neck

4. Pulse

Best Bongs For Under $1000

Pulse glass is an award winning company that has been hand-blowing quality, scientific, and high-end functional borosilicate glass art. The company is based out of Los Angeles, California and they strive to set the highest standards in service.

In 2017 their aesthetics have drastically improved while losing none of their quality in function. Simple sophistication in aesthetics meets maximum functionalist and showcase craftsmanship.

Our Recommendation: The Leaning Tongue

Their latest line of bongs are sandblasted for an artistic but sophisticated finish. The leaning tongue stands out to us because of the simple attractive design and function.

The gridded tongue perc is award-winning and guaranteed to stack bubbles to the top of the can. The bent neck design prevents any splashback, making this one of the best bongs you can buy.

3. Toro

Best Bongs For Under $1000

Toro glass is based out of New York and they’re killing it in quality and sophisticated American-made scientific glass. They have great pieces for dry herbs and concentrates, and their designs are simple but functional.

Toro pieces come in unique combinations of colored and clear glass. They also have a few different labels making them highly collectable.

Our Recommendation: Double Circ Tube

2. Mobius

Best Bongs For Under $1000

Mobius glass has come up with some game changing innovations for the glass industry.

They have pieces with plenty of percs that offer minimal drag, so you can rip that bong longer without the harshness.

Our Recommendation: Stereo Matrix Percolator Bong

1. Sovereignty

Best Bongs For Under $1000

If you’re looking for a dry herb pipe under $1000, sovereignty is about as quality as it comes from an American glass company. The bongs have huge tubes that can be cleared effortlessly, and their percs offer a good amount of filtration without the added drag.

With innovative percs like the peyote pillar, most of their pillars are now in the thousand dollar range; however, most of their glass remains under $1000.

Our Recommendation: HollowFoot Minipillar

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