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Fumo Pipe Is A Mini Steamroller That Will Get You Blasted

Fumo Pipe Is A Mini Steamroller That Will Get You Blasted


Fumo Pipe Is A Mini Steamroller That Will Get You Blasted

The Fumo Pipe is breathing new life into the world of handheld weed pipes. Its unique design delivers huge hits of surprisingly cool smoke.

The Fumo Pipe takes the world of simple weed pipes to another level. It’s basically a mini steamroller, but it comes with a few extra features that make it unlike any other pipe out there. If you thought there wasn’t any room left to innovate a handheld weed pipe, you were wrong.

Meet The Fumo Pipe

Fumo Pipe Is A Mini Steamroller That Will Get You Blasted

The Fumo Pipe has a few key components, and each one represents an improvement on regular weed pipe designs.

For starters, the pipe features a billet aluminum cooling chamber. This is basically the main body of the Fumo Pipe, and it was designed to cool smoke. The aluminum manages to remain surprisingly cool, even after a few good draws.

Sitting on top of the metal chamber is the bowl and a specialized carb button. You can choose to get the bowl and carb button in either brass or stainless steel. The bowl is where you’ll be packing and sparking up your herb.

The carb button is right next to the bowl. This feature is probably the most obvious thing that’s unique about the Fumo Pipe. To use a regular carb, you just put your thumb over the hole and remove it when you’re ready to clear the bowl.

But with the Fumo Pipe, you let the smoke build up and then when you’re ready, just push the button. This makes the entire experience super easy. It also lets you build up super milky hits.

The metal chamber attaches to a polycarbonate tube and mouthpiece. The open end of the tube is flared up and rounded off, making it a comfortable mouthpiece.

The polycarbonate tube is also where you have some flexibility to customize your piece. You can choose from a 3-inch, 6-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch, and even a massive 18-inch tube.

How The Fumo Pipe Works

Fumo Pipe Is A Mini Steamroller That Will Get You Blasted

To use the Fumo Pipe, simply grind up your bud. Pack it into the bowl. Now put your lips to the mouthpiece and pull in as you spark the herb.

The smoke will drop down from the bowl into the metal chamber. This is where the billet aluminum comes in handy, as it will cool the smoke, giving you smoother, gentler hits.

Finally, when enough smoke has built up and you’re ready to clear the chamber, push the carb button on the top of the pipe. Fresh air will rush in, pushing all that thick, milky smoke straight into your lungs.

Fumo Pipe Pros and Cons

Fumo Pipe Is A Mini Steamroller That Will Get You Blasted

The aluminum cooling chamber does its job well. Obviously, it will heat up a little bit depending on how hot your room is and if you’ve been doing tons of massive hits back to back. But all in all, it still does a decent job of staying cool and making your smoke a bit smoother.

But if you really want to get the most out of the cooling chamber, remove it from the tube and toss it into the freezer for at least a few hours. Take it out and reattach the tube when you’re ready to puff.

At that point, the aluminum will be freezing cold. It will instantly cool your smoke, and will give you incredibly smooth hits.

While that’s certainly the best thing about the chamber, there are some possible concerns, too. Some smokers worry that they will inhale toxic fumes or particles if they smoke out of aluminum.

But remember that you’re not actually putting flame to the aluminum. Smoke is the only thing that comes into direct contact with the chamber. In fact, the only metal that will get torched is the bowl, and that’s either brass or stainless steel.

The other key features of the Fumo Pipe are the carb button and the polycarbonate tube. The carb button does what it’s supposed to, but doesn’t really impact the smoking experience too much.

As for the tube, the best thing is that it delivers smoke the same way a steamroller does. Basically, you can build up as much smoke as you want in this thing and then rip it all at once. And if you go with one of the larger tubes, you can get even bigger hits.

Final Hit: Fumo Pipe Is A Mini Steamroller That Will Get You Blasted

If you like smoking out of handheld weed pipes, but you want something a little bit different than a standard bowl, you’ll love the Fumo Pipe.

All in all, it delivers consistently large hits that are smoother and cooler than what you’ll get from a regular bowl. And by selecting the exact size of tube you want, you can use your Fumo Pipe as a regular pipe, a massive steamroller, or anything in between.

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