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The Most Potent Edibles In The World

6 Most Potent Edibles On The Market


The Most Potent Edibles In The World

Users with higher tolerances are tired of edibles that have no effect on them. So here are the most potent edibles on the market today.

The most potent edibles available

The commercial cannabis market is growing as states continue to legalize marijuana. As a result, there are more regular cannabis users than ever before. With a growing number of consumers, the demand for the most potent edibles is on the rise. Users with higher tolerances are tired of spending their money on edibles that have no effect on them.

They’re not the only ones with a need for high-dose edibles. Aaron Justis, the owner of Buds and Roses Collective, claims that older adults are the largest consumers of high-dose edibles. However, they’re using them in small amounts.

“Our clientele is not buying high-dose edibles to get super high,” Justis said. “They’re eating just a little at a time and are typically making that edible last for a week or more.”

With the way the commercial cannabis market is set up, we don’t blame them. Most edibles come in snack or candy form which isn’t ideal for medical users. Imagine having to eat a whole bag of sour worms every time you needed your medicine? It’s just not healthy, especially if you have diabetes or care for your teeth.

So, some consumers who want the edible experience without the added calories can micro-dose with potent edibles. We don’t recommend trying to eat any of the following edibles in one sitting. You won’t die, but you may have a bad trip or end up sleeping for 10-14 hours straight. Here is a list of the MOST potent edibles we could find on the market today:

13. Cheeba Chews Deca Dose 175 mg THC

The Most Potent Edibles On The Market

Cheeba Chews has been making potent edibles for 6 years now.

So far they’ve won 3 cannabis cup awards and stocked at least 800 different dispensaries.

High Times Magazine dubbed them “America’s favorite edible.”

Their three core principles are potency, consistency, and discretion.

Cheeba Chews can be highly dosed in such a compact package, ideal for medical users with high tolerance.

If discretion is your goal just take off the outside label and you’ll be left with an innocent piece of candy wrapped in foil.

So, make sure you take safety measures to ensure it doesn’t end up in unsuspecting hands.

Cannabis users with a high tolerance only, they have the option of a 175 mg Deca Dose bar from Cheeba Chews.

California edibles have a history of inaccurately reported doses.

However, Cheebas are one of the most renowned and recommended infused-chocolate bars on the market.

Every batch of cannabis extract used in Cheeba Chews Products is lab tested to ensure consistent, predictable dosing.

Even when mislabeling was rampant in California Cheeba Chews were one of the more accurate companies.

If you’re going to take a mega-dose make sure you stay hydrated and prepare to be high for 2 to 6 hours.


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