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The Most Potent Edibles In The World

6 Most Potent Edibles On The Market


The Most Potent Edibles In The World

Users with higher tolerances are tired of edibles that have no effect on them. So here are the most potent edibles on the market today.

12. Punch Edible 225 mg THC

The Most Potent Edibles On The Market

Punch Edibles offers a solution to edible users who want a larger dose without having to consume ridiculous amounts of empty calories.

They’ve been making infused chocolate bars for a legal market since 2013.

Now, they boast a total of 26 different flavors being carried in hundreds of dispensaries throughout California.

They’re one of the only companies out of California lab testing all their products.

The results on their website are quite impressive. It’s no wonder why they’ve accumulated six awards in the past two years alone.

All of their bars are made with premium high-potency concentrates.

Reviews agree these infused chocolate bars pack a serious punch.

They live up to their name, and each bar packs a punch of 225 mg THC per bar.

That is 45 mg stronger than the leading competitors and half the size.

Punch will get you medicated with minimal calories, sugar, and great flavor.

The Los Angeles-based company strives to provide high potency while remaining a sensible sized edible.

Finally, Punch Edibles balance taste, size, and potency to make an edible perfect for regular users.

11. White Cheddar Popcorn 300 mg THC

The Most Potent Edibles On The Market

Most edibles serve a sweet tooth. Korva edibles is no exception, they only have 1 non-sweet edible.

The White Cheddar Popcorn by Korova is a delicious savory alternative.

Covered in white cheddar that pops with flavor on every bite.

Korova is known for having some of the most potent edibles available on the market.

Their popcorn is no exception, boasting 300 mg of THC per bag.

The popcorn is cannabis infused with coconut oil for a light taste and texture.

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