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Conor McGregor Smokes Joint in NYC

Conor McGregor Smokes Joint in NYC


Conor McGregor Smokes Joint in NYC

Conor McGregor Smokes Joint

If there’s one thing we learned about Conor McGregor during the UFC 205 press conference in NYC, it’s that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks about him. He made this even more evident with his Instagram post later that night. The Irish professional mixed martial artist posted a picture of himself, joint in hand, with the caption “we run New York.” He doesn’t seem to be worried about any consequences.

More Details

Fortunately, the USADA recently increased the cannabinoid levels allowed in a fighter’s system while not competing. Following many other athletic commissions in the U.S., they changed the permissible cannabinoid levels to prevent casual weed smokers from failing drug tests. So, as long as fighters don’t show up to fight night stoned. They can get away with it.

However, not many would be so public about their usage. On the other hand, McGregor is cocky enough not to care. Conor McGregor is the current featherweight champion. And he believes without a doubt he will take the lightweight title as well.

He spent the entire conference mocking Eddie Alvarez and self-proclaiming himself the king of New York. It was reminiscent of the WWF. Plenty of drama and smack talk to rile the crowd up for the upcoming fight.

For those who don’t know, Eddie Alvarez is the current lightweight champion. Additionally, he didn’t seem to appreciate Conor’s confidence.

Mystic Mac’s pre-fight predictions

Conor McGregor Smokes Joint in NYC

“You can call me Mystic Mac because I predict these things,” McGregor told viewers. He has been known to make accurate pre-fight predictions under the Mystic Mac moniker. One fan asked him if he had a prediction for his fight with Alvarez and before he could even answer, Eddie warns him to “be careful.” Conor was saying he had nothing against Eddie but he continued to tell him to “be careful.” You could see the distaste for McGregor on Alvarez’s face after the Irish fighter had announced he was worth $4.2 billion to the UFC.

Conor didn’t take Eddie’s threat serious for even a second. “OR WHAT?” McGregor responded. “You gonna do something over there? Shut your —-ing mouth,” he added.


Conor must be to the UFC what The Rock was to the WWF way back when. His catchphrases and don’t give a damn attitude bring us back. McGregor vs. Alvarez might not be as entertaining as The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin’s rivalry, but the press conference was worth every minute.

Machine Gun Toter

This isn’t the first time McGregor’s Instagram sparked controversy. His IG featured a picture of himself wearing a mask and aiming a machine gun with a silencer. The Irish media was on his case for the picture, but hopefully, they let this one slide. Last year, Ireland made the move towards decriminalizing small amounts of cannabis.

Final Hit

Will McGregor be wearing two belts and smoking a jay in celebration come UFC 205 in November? Probably. But only time will tell if Mystic Mac is truly a prophet.

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