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X-Games Superstar Designs New Line of Weed Products for Athletes

X-Games Superstar Tanner Hall Creates New Line of Pot Products for Extreme Athletes - GREEN RUSH DAILY


X-Games Superstar Designs New Line of Weed Products for Athletes

Tanner Hall is an X-Games legend and a pioneer in the world of extreme sports. His innovative free-skiing style has become so important to the sport that he’s been dubbed The Ski Boss.

And cannabis has been a fundamental part of the Ski Boss’s incredible career, which has included breakthrough accomplishments as well as bone-breaking wipeouts.

Back in 2005, for example, he suffered a huge crash while skiing in the backcountry of Wasatch County, Utah that left him with two broken ankles. Hall credits marijuana with playing a key role in helping him manage the pain associated with being a world-class extreme athlete.

Watch this epic video about Black Rock:


But for Hall, pot is much more than medicine. It’s a way of life that needs to be celebrated and enjoyed.

That’s why he’s teamed up with cannabis company Black Rock Originals to craft his own signature 420 kit perfect for on-the-go smokers and adrenaline junky tokers.

“There’s so many smokers in skiing and snowboarding, they finally can have a brand they can identify with, that actually wants to work with athletes,” Hall said in a press release published recently.

The kit includes a grinder, lighter, and rolling papers, all of which have been designed to fit inside Black Rock’s compact and secure Safety Case. Each product in the Ski Boss lineup is emblazoned with the Ski Boss logo.

X-Games Superstars New Line of Weed Products Designed for Athletes - Green Rush Daily

In addition to purchasing them all together as a single kit, you can also order the components individually. Currently, the entire kit retails at $14.95 and can be purchased online from Black Rock’s website.

The company is marketing the new line of ganja gear as perfect for athletes, adventurers, and other highly active smokers who would like a simple and portable way to carry the bare essentials with them when they’re out of the house.


The company also said that the kit was designed by Hall himself, and has been created to meet the needs and preferences of the world-famous skier-smoker.

“Our brand is focused on debunking the lazy stoner stereotype and Tanner has been poking holes in that misconception for decades,” said Tommy Joyce, co-founder of Black Rock Originals.

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