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Must Have for 2016: Apothecarry Case is a Ganja Game Changer

All-in-One Marijuana Storage Case and Humidor | GREEN RUSH DAILY


Must Have for 2016: Apothecarry Case is a Ganja Game Changer

Introducing The Apothecarry Case

If there’s one thing the cannabis community has completely overlooked it’s how to effectively store your herb at home.

Sure, we’ve all got our go-to way of stashing weed, but if you really think about it, how many of us are really doing anything different from what we did in high school or college?

If you’re anything like the huge majority of pot smokers, odds are your bud is currently sitting in an old shoe box, crammed inside a used jar, sealed off in a Tupperware, or rolled up somewhere in a plastic baggy.

This is a huge problem because the way you store your ganja actually has everything to do with how well your herb maintains its freshness, potency, and quality, which in the end, has a direct bearing on the quality of your smoke sessions.

Given that storage is such a hugely critical aspect of smoking pot, it’s supremely weird that we haven’t come up with anything better than shoeboxes and Ziplocs.

All that is about to change, however, thanks to the Apothecarry Case.

“Ounce for ounce weed is the most expensive thing most of us buy, but we end up wasting a lot of our money by coming home and putting it in a plastic bag or a shoebox,” said Whitney Beatty, co-founder, and CEO of Apothecarry, a cannabis startup company.

“Basically, we’re taking all this good stuff and turning it into bad stuff because we’re not storing it right. There are a lot of benefits to smoking the bud your grower intended, and that’s why we invented the Apothecarry Case.”

The Apothecarry Case’s true innovation is its ability to bring together into a single product a sleek storage container and a specialized humidor designed specifically to maintain the freshness and potency of cannabis bud.

To begin with, the Apothecarry Case comes tricked out with pretty much everything a pot smoker could ever need: air-tight humidity jars for storing bud; food grade dab jars; elastic straps for securing oils, vaporizers, and accessories; a rolling tray; a grinder; and a removable storage section for rolling papers, lighters, and other paraphernalia.

As if that weren’t enough, the Apothecarry takes it a huge step further. Not only does it give you everything you need to keep your bud organized and ready for your next smoke, but it stores it all inside a specially built humidor, designed to maintain freshness and to avoid cross-contamination.

“The optimal humidity range for marijuana is between 55% and 65% relative humidity,” the company’s website explains.

“The Apothecarry Case uses a Boveda humidity system to keep the trichomes in cannabis from drying out. This ensures that you don’t run the risk of mold-growth and will keep the trichomes sticky enough to preserve the quality, yet dry enough to preserve a nice burn.”

The finishing touch is a highly secure dual combination and key locking system to ensure that your stash stays secure and discreet.

Although the Apothecarry Case isn’t yet available for retail—you can still only place a pre-order through the company’s Indiegogo page—there are less than 15 days left to get the case as cheap as it’s ever going to be, $75 off MSRP.

“I think of the stigma around smoking and I think it’s ridiculous,” Beatty said. “Everyone knows someone who smokes—everyone probably knows tons of people who smoke and they’re just not talking about it.”

“I think having a place to store your weed that’s nice like this plays a big role in killing this stigma.”

“It’s all about how we make a difference in the way you keep and smoke your weed, but it’s also about how we talk about it,” she explained.

“Marijuana isn’t countercultural anymore; it’s becoming mainstream. Cannabis has grown up and we should too.”

At the end of the day, it seems the Apothecarry Case has stepped in to fill a number of gaping holes in the world of cannabis and pot smoking—holes that many of us didn’t even know existed. (See Pictures Below)

Crafted from the finest hand-selected hardwood… The Apothecarry Case - Green Rush Daily

…uniquely designed to organize everything you need to smoke in one place.TheApothecarryCase

One side for your strains, dabs and oil canisters…The Apothecarry Case - Green Rush Daily

 …a separate side holds your grinder, tools, papers, pipes and vaporizers.The Apothecarry Case - Green Rush Daily

Included is a removable compartment for storing papers, lighters, wicks, and pipes…The Apothecarry Case Green Rush Daily

…and a removable gold rolling tray with cut out for grinder or bud jar.The Apothecarry Case - Green Rush Daily

Each case also has four air-tight jars each engineered to keep air out and regulate humidity…Apothecarry case jars

…and four food grade silicone dab jars & metal dab stick.

Must Have for 2016: Apothecarry Case is a Ganja Game Changer - GREEN RUSH DAILY

They even included is a stunning aluminum alloy 3 chamber grinder with kief catcher.The Apothecarry Case

A ‘stash’ will be a thing of the past…Two Sided Apothecarry Case

Order yours today.Get Your Apothecarry Case Today

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