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Alpaca Grinder: The Do-It-All Herb Grinder


Alpaca Grinder: The Do-It-All Herb Grinder

Alpaca Grinder

Cannabis enthusiasts of the past would be blown away by the Alpaca Grinder and how far marijuana technology has come in recent years. And we’re not just talking about legalization here—we’re talking about the actual art of smoking herb.

One of the specific areas that’s seen the most revolutionary innovation recently is the world of grinders.

By now, most of us have probably just resigned ourselves to using grinders that get gunked up with resin, and then carefully trying to pinch that precious bud out of the catcher without spilling any of it.

But a couple of clever cannapreneurs have proven that we don’t have to settle for doing things the way they’ve always been done.

“I had a normal herb grinder for years. One day while watching a friend struggle with his grinder I thought, ‘there has got to be a better way,'” Chase from Alpaca Grinder said in a recent interview.

“Inspired by the obvious need for a better grinder, I teamed up with an industrial engineer and together we developed Alpaca over two years.”

“We wanted to make something easy and fast that removed all the hassle of old school grinders. Alpaca is the result. Alpaca lets you grind and dispense in seconds with zero mess.”

The Alpaca Grinder was designed to improve traditional grinder technology by creating a single device that smoothly cuts herb into a nice even grind that’s perfect for smoking, and then cleanly depositing that herb into whatever it’s going to be smoked out of.

How the Alpaca Grinder works:

“Alpaca is crazy easy to use,” said Chase. “Inside the grinding chamber, Alpaca shreds your herbs into a fluffy and consistent grind.”

“As you start twisting, ground herbs fall onto the double-helix dispensing screw. The screw turns when you twist the grinder, allowing you to grind and dispense simultaneously—it’s like a herb conveyor belt.”

Alpaca’s dual grind-and-dispense technology means smokers can get the most bang for their bud.

There’s no more spilled herb, no more mess, and the consistent shred helps smokers maximize the burnable surface area of their nugs.

It also makes grinding much more accessible for those with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and other health conditions that make an average grinder difficult to maneuver.

Although the product is still brand new to the cannabis industry, it’s already grabbing some serious attention.

In January, hip hop legend Warren G posted the company’s video to his Facebook page, saying simply: “Dope gadget.”

Well known model Taryn Maria also gave the new tool props on her Facebook page, calling it an “unbelievable grinder,” and writing, “I can’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy.”

Commenting on the reception his new product has had so far, Chase said that most people who come across the Alpaca are encouraged by the fact that so much innovation is taking place in the broader cannabis industry.

“Here are some of my favorite comments from our fans,” he said.

“‘God’s gift to humanity,’ ‘Are you f*cking me this is the coolest sh*t I’ve ever seen,’ and my personal favorite: ‘When scientists were inventing this did they ask, Should we? No. They did it because they knew it was the right thing to do.'”

The company also recently announced that it will be giving customers a 30% discount on all retail prices during the month of February.

Right away you notice the Alpaca Grinder is unique.

Alpaca Grinder

The innovative design shreds herbs and effortlessly dispenses them wherever you want.

Alpaca Grinder

Compared to a standard herb grinder, Alpaca is faster, easier, more portable and less messy.

Alpaca Grinder

Each Alpaca is precision machined from aircraft aluminum built to last a lifetime.

Alpaca Grinder

That’s why each Alpaca comes with no questions asked Lifetime Warranty.

The Alpaca Grinder

It’s the last grinder you’ll ever have to buy.


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