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The Anaxy Star Grinder Is Different Than Anything We’ve Seen Before

The Anaxy Star Grinder Is Different Than Anything We've Seen Before


The Anaxy Star Grinder Is Different Than Anything We’ve Seen Before

If you’re someone who regularly loads bowls, rolls joints, or fills cones, a grinder for cutting up your dried herb is a must. On the surface, weed grinders are pretty basic kit. You load your dried flower into a chamber reminiscent of the iron maiden of the dark ages.

Give the chamber a twist, so the teeth chop up your nugs. Then, dispense the ground up tree into your smoking device of choice. The fancier (and more popular) grinders offer a variety of chambers for catching the ground up ganja. Many grinders provide special screens and a dedicated section for catching kief.

But the Anaxy Star Grinder, from Hemper, takes this trend to new extremes. And that’s why it’s a grinder that’s different than anything we’ve seen before.

The Anaxy Star Grinder: A True All-In-One Solution

The Anaxy Star Grinder Is Different Than Anything We've Seen Before

The real test of the quality of a grinder is its versatility. It would seem that the task a weed grinder is supposed to do is pretty simple. Grind your weed, so you don’t have to, right?

Well, it’s not as simple as that. Many people use weed grinders for their efficiency over hand grinding and their ability to process large amounts of dried herb. But your run-of-the-mill grinder will still require you to pinch the ground up herb yourself and load it into your bowl or cone.

That leads to sticky fingers — not necessarily a bad thing — but also the inevitable loss of some of your product. So that’s the first improvement the Anaxy Star Grinder has to offer. It has a dedicated funnel section for catching all of your freshly ground cannabis.

The large size of the Anaxy Star’s funnel means it can hold a serious amount of herb. Definitely more than a couple bowl-packs. But the real ingenuity lies in the gadgetry you can attach to it. The funnel section has three different attachments.

One, a large caliber piece that helps you directly funnel your ground flower into your bowl. This allows you to grind and dispense all at the same time, using a standard gravity feed mechanism. A second attachment is a specially designed “flute” that’s thinner and therefore ideal for filling in pre-roll cones.

The third is actually a simple cap that allows you to store your ready-to-dispense weed for the next session. No more loading and grinding up weed each time you want to smoke. Simply grind as much as you want in one go and save it for later.

Anaxy Star: A Six-Shooter For Storage

The Anaxy Star Grinder Is Different Than Anything We've Seen Before

A grinder that dispenses your weed for you. Still not impressed? Well, the Anaxy Star Grinder has a few more tricks up its sleeve. The loading and storage compartments really make this grinder different than anything we’ve seen before.

The most innovative products are ones that solve problems you didn’t even know you had. For example, when you’re grinding up weed with a normal grinder, you can only grind and store one strain of weed at a time. (Unless, of course, you intend to mix them).

The Anaxy Star, however, has a “six-shooter” chamber like a revolver. The chamber comes with a magnetized “cap” that lets you block off 3 of the 6 chambers. This means that you can store two different strains of pre-ground buds in a single grinder. Perfect for grinding up your energizing sativas during the day, and saving your soothing indicas for the evening.

The bottom section of the grinder contains three pegs that push the buds into the grinding and dispensing section when you assemble the unit. The other three sections are tucked safely and secretly away behind the cap. Just move the cap when you’re ready to grind up your second set of cannabis buds.

Magnetic Attraction

The Anaxy Star Grinder Is Different Than Anything We've Seen Before

With 9 separate pieces, there’s some concern that the Anaxy Star Grinder might pose problems staying together. That’s a lot of pieces that could come apart, costing you precious herb.

But the folks behind the Anaxy Star have that covered. Rather than using threaded parts to keep everything together — which creates the notorious problem with binding — the Anaxy Star uses extremely strong magnets to hold everything in place. They’re so strong, it takes a little bit of strength to pull them apart. That’s peace of mind.

Anaxy Star: A Unique Take On A Classic Design

The Anaxy Star Grinder Is Different Than Anything We've Seen Before

Weed grinders are a dime a dozen. So it takes something special for one to stand out above the others. With the ability to store, grind, and dispense two different strains of dried herb in one package, the Anaxy Star has that special something.

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