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The Dreamer Grinder Really Does it All

The Dreamer Grinder Really Does it All


The Dreamer Grinder Really Does it All

Those looking to stay neat and organized with their cannabis grinding and storage will be delighted by The Dreamer herb grinder.

The Dreamer Grinder

Those looking to stay neat and organized with their cannabis grinding and storage will be delighted by The Dreamer herb grinder. With The Dreamer you’ll be able to store your cannabis in an organized fashion. You will also be able to grind and place your ground marijuana where it needs to go without getting your fingers sticky. The Dreamer is one of the first grinders to have no threading whatsoever. It is held together by magnets, which makes it effortless to twist. This is good news for medical marijuana patients. Who suffer from debilitating conditions that make it hard to use traditional grinders.

The Dreamer Grinder Really Does it All

How The Dreamer Works

Fill any papers, vaporizer, or smoking device without touching any weed or making any mess. Some cannabis consumers have reported getting hives and other allergic reactions from touching ground up weed. The Dreamer solves this problem with its funnel and cap mechanism.

After grinding, give The Dreamer a good shake and all your ground up weed should make it’s way to the bottom of the funnel and into the cap. Remove the cap and quickly pour your weed into any paper, vaporizer, or smoking device of your preference with minimal mess. Also if you want to fill a cone, the grinder comes with a narrower funnel piece that can take the place of the cap for easy cone filling.

No Smoking Device? The Dreamer Can Help

The funnel cap The Dreamer comes with can also be used to turn an apple into a smoking apparatus. Just dig the funnel piece into the top of the apple.

Then dig another hole through the side until both holes meet. You can then use the funnel cap as a mouthpiece, so you have more space from the lighter as you’re pulling.


At the top of The Dreamer grinder, there are six holes for herb storage. There is a lid to cover 3 of the holes so you can get extra organized by putting your Sativas out and your Indicas under the lid.

Also, each of the storage holes is designed to fit enough herb for a single bowl pack. You’ll need about three full holes to roll a joint. When it comes time to grind, you won’t even need to remove the weed from the storage chamber. Finally, the three open holes will be pushed down into the grinding chamber when the top of the grinder is put on.

Easy To Clean

The Dreamer comes apart into six pieces. As a result, it is simpler to clean all the insides of the grinder out when it gets gunked up.

Final Hit

The threadless design makes it very easy to use for medical marijuana patients. The grind consistency is just as good as top quality grinders like a space case, according to some users.  Additionally, the storage is convenient and ideal for organized stoners. The funnel design prevents mess and waste from occurring, it’s easy to clean, and the grinder comes with bonus features for packing cones and making apple pipes. Although “The Dreamer” is extra appealing to medical marijuana patients, any serious cannabis consumer would benefit from its design.

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