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This New Grinder Is Dominating the Cannabis Market

This New Grinder Hasn't Hit Stores Yet But It's Already Dominating the Cannabis Market


This New Grinder Is Dominating the Cannabis Market

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The cannabis community rewards true innovation. There’s no better example of this than the way the wide world of weed enthusiasts has responded to The Clipper, a revolutionary new grinder invented by a group of Canadian cannapreneurs.

The Clipper first made headlines back in December, and since then, things have blown up.

Check out this video to see The Clipper in action:

Toward the end of 2015, Jesse Marr, Matt Olson, and Greg Moneta, the co-creators of The Clipper, set up an Indiegogo page with an initial goal of raising $25,000.

Since then, their young business has taken off like wildfire.

In the one month period between mid-December and mid-January, their Indiegogo campaign has skyrocketed from having raised $16,000 to just under $130,000.

The Clipper new grinder has now been 500% funded—and these are all just pre-0rders, the grinder hasn’t even hit retail yet.

“We are passionate about developing high-quality products to improve consumers’ experience,” the inventors of the new grinder said.

“Running an Indiegogo campaign for The Clipper is important to us because we want to involve our customers in the development of the product.”

The Clipper has sent serious waves throughout the cannabis world, revitalizing a technology that, while central to the experience of smoking bud, many had just kind of taken for granted.

“The current grinders on the market use the same 110-year-old design,” one early user of The Clipper commented. ” are also hard to clean.”

“Traditional grinders allow fine resin and material to build up, which eventually causes them to seize up and break. ”

But The Clipper has found a way around all of that.

Using a unique rotating, stainless steel blade that slices 12 times in a single rotation, The Clipper has been specially designed to give herb a fine, consistent cut.

Marr, Olson, and Moneta say this design “cuts your herb, instead of mulching the fine material into tight spaces.”

The entire grinder is easy to disassemble for cleaning, although the sleek rotating blade significantly cuts back on how much resin builds up in the grinder.

Marr, Olson, and Moneta have even changed the way kief catchers are designed. Using a rounded container with a guitar pick-shaped scraper, The Clipper makes it much easier to scoop together all that precious pollen.

Because of the company’s explosive Indiegogo success, many preorders are already sold out. But don’t worry, there are some still available.

Even if you miss out on a chance to get your preorder in, it sounds like The Clipper is here to stay. And if the inventors have their way, it sounds like the grinder will someday be available through a number of retail outlets.

“Olson and Marr said they are looking to establish The Clipper an e-commerce store, and are currently building a worldwide distribution plan” said an article published by The Winnipeg Metro.

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